Robert Ringer

Can Rednecks Save America?

By Robert Ringer - Monday, February 25, 2013

The so-called sequester is yet another dose of the never-ending political theater that perpetually diverts the attention of iPod and sports addicts from such mundane matters as liberty and tyranny.  By now, of course, all but the walking dead realize that if the sequester actually happens, it will amount to nothing more than a slight — make that very slight — decrease in the growth of spending.

Yet, every media outlet — including Fox News —continues to play along with the “let’s all wring our hands in unison and try not to panic” game orchestrated by the statists in our nation’s capital.  I trust you’ll excuse me if I ignore the Chicken Little game and address a subject that is a bit more important — our accelerating pace down the road to serfdom.  You need not worry about my startling the walking dead, because I have it on good authority that they don’t read my stuff anyway.

As bored as I may be writing about him, I have no choice but to once again allude to the Duplicitous Despot.  Throughout his life, Obama has been an angry kid on a mission:  the complete destruction of Western civilization.  For crying out loud, it’s not like his past is not well documented for anyone who can read at a sixth-grade level.

The fake smile is cute and all that, but Obama’s bitterness is clearly visible in his actions.  And, in all fairness, it’s understandable.  His father, who left him shortly after he was born, was an alcoholic, philandering failure with delusions of grandeur.  Not a situation anyone would wish on any child.

But such was Obama’s life, and, unfortunately, his unhappiness drove him to seek out other angry people — from Frank Marshall Davis to Jeremiah Wright, from Bernadine Dohrn to Michelle Robinson (whom he married).  Today, of course, he is surrounded by an army of like-minded Marxists of his choosing.

These are radical leftists who hate America, hate Western values, hate all that’s pure and wholesome about life.  Thus, there is no mystery as to why the fascist left so despises truth.  After all, truth is the purest and most wholesome thing in the universe.  Truth is the enemy of the Marxist crowd because, left to play itself out with no outside interference, it will never fail to expose the most carefully crafted lie.

But the left, at least since Lenin, has developed the art of doublespeak to the point where it is capable of transforming the most heinous lie into an apparent truth (i.e., what the walking dead — or just the average uninformed individual — perceives as truth).  And once people abandon unprocessed truth and embrace hydrogenated truth, which is much more palatable, the left is able to impose its will on the populace without serious resistance.

Also, an important aspect of the left’s ability to transform lies into truth is that they are masters of indignation.  Well-schooled leftists religiously follow the Alinsky tactic of shaming people who dare to speak the truth.

If you speak the truth about Obamacare, you want to see millions of poor people suffer.

If you speak the truth about unemployment benefits, you want to see millions of poor people suffer.

If you speak the truth about minimum-wage laws, you want to see millions of poor people suffer.

If you speak the truth about redistribution of wealth, you want to see millions of poor people suffer.

The script never changes.  It’s boring; it’s childish; it’s insulting to a thinking person’s intelligence.  But it works!  The left doesn’t try to intellectualize things.  It keeps its message simple.

Marxists Democrats know full well that Boehner brains are incapable of processing intellectual thoughts … or facts … or moral issues.  Boehner brains are wired to simply give knee-jerk responses — the kind of responses that aid the Dirty Dems in moving evermore rapidly down the road to serfdom.  Above all, Boehner brains are predictable.

There is only one way to combat the emotional sewage of the left:  Confront it — head-on — loud, clear, and unequivocally.  Timidity does not work.  The left thrives on the timidity, cowardice, and lack of principle of statist conservatives — including supposedly conservative TV commentators who provide its members with a daily platform to spread their lies.

What is annoying about all this is that millions of us knew the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about Obama before he ever took office.  We knew he would never make the original of his birth certificate available to any independent authority.  We knew he would use the Cloward-Piven strategy to collapse the economy and make virtually everyone dependent on the state.  And we knew he would try to ban all guns in order to make citizens defenseless.

At the risk of drying out Chris Matthews’ pee-soaked trousers, I am compelled to speak the unspeakable:  Barack Obama is not “the smartest guy in the room.”  In fact, as those who knew him at the University of Chicago have made clear, he is not a particularly intelligent individual.  He is, however, exceedingly clever and cunning.

Which is why guns are now at the top of his agenda.  He senses that the Tea Party — which folded up shop after its 2010 victories — is coming back, this time with many more rednecks in the mix.  Rednecks are a government’s worst nightmare because they (1) own lots of guns and (2) often live in hard to reach places — mountain ranges like the Ozarks, the Appalachians, and the Smokys.  And they don’t much care for people who wear government badges.

Whenever government criminals try to exert absolute control over people, the use of force is a must.  You cannot stop people from doing things they want to do, or make them do things they don’t want to do, without applying brute force.  And that’s a dangerous tactic when there are several hundred million guns stashed away in private hands.

It would take an inestimable number of Waco-style attacks to root out every redneck in the U.S.  That’s why Hitler, Stalin, and every other brutal dictator was smart enough to grab people’s guns early on.  After that, gulags, gas chambers, and firing squads were easily put into place.

Do I seriously believe that gulag prison camps are possible in the U.S.?  Yes.  Do I seriously believe gas chambers and mass executions are possible in the U.S.?  Yes.

In fact, any kind of atrocities are possible, but only if government first accomplishes its number-one objective:  taking away your guns.  Remember, when people fear the government, they get tyranny, but when the government fears the people, they get freedom.  And government will continue to fear the people so long as the people have guns.

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29 Responses to “Can Rednecks Save America?”

  1. Dan says:

    "It would take an inestimable number of Waco-style attacks to root out every redneck in the U.S."
    Well then, hold on to your hats everybody.

    • Dan says:

      Although, peaceful surrender by the vast majority is more likely. I don't expect to hear, "you can take my freedom but you'll never get my guns."

  2. @larajf says:

    If the morons in Washington D.C. were serious about their jobs, they'd all take paycuts and suspend their pensions and high priced healthcare.

  3. david pierson says:

    More like your stupid, childish, simple message for the morons never changes.. the commie despot is coming for your guns, freedom, money etc… I thought you weren't going to write about that commie despot any more Robert?? yeah right… what else would you have to write about?? Why don't you write about Dubya's great achievements in his spectacular eight years in office??

    • Richy Rich says:

      You come across as one of those despots every decent, hard working, freedom loving honest person despises.

      Do us all a favor and crawl back into your cesspool from whence you came. When we want to hear from you, we'll rattle your chain. Idiot!!

    • blh557 says:

      Like keeping unemployment below 7%? Or maybe having a declining deficit up until 2007 when Democrats took over both houses of congress? How about attempting to reduce the impact of the coming housing bubble by reforming FANNIE & FREDDIE… which couldn't get done because of Democrat obstructionism? How about only having a total 1.7 trillion dollar deficit for eight years (vs the 1.5 trillion per year of the Obameister).

      Here's a novel idea: STOP BLAMING BUSH!

    • MalibuJoe says:

      David, do you really think there is a difference between Dubya and the Obamanation? There is … rhetoric. But actions speak louder than words and show that both are mere trained monkeys for a more shadowy regime. It's the same company, two brands — an old marketing trick.

  4. Devereax says:

    @David Pierson…it seems the walking dead do in fact try to become the talking dead. I am actually surprised that more than 2 words were used in your sentences, but the content leaves little room for surprise. The liberal play book must be sitting firmly in your lap as you typed that reply. Wow… I would never have expected a reference to Bush. LMAO. After you have finished, to the strains of your favorite dictator, better wash your hands lest your sticky fingers gum up the keyboard. On second thoughts, gum it up as much as you can and then we won’t have to read any more of your dribble.

  5. naura hayden says:

    Robert Ringer, you are brilliant and you do know the Truth. It's Obama's charisma mainly that seems to hypnotize the not-too-swift among us. He's loaded with charm and lacking in brains. It's difficult for me to understand why so many who know he stole the election, who know he wasn't born here, who know he's using a provably false Social Security # which was stolen from someone else, are not able to win in the courts and oust him from office. There must be some judges who love the Truth as we do. Where are they???????????

  6. Dan says:

    R.S., seems plausible to me that at some point, when/if push comes to shove, that those refusing to hand over their weapons may be considered "enemy combatants" and meet face to face with the U.S. military. I suppose this is what RJR is saying, what are your thoughts?

    • reunion says:

      soooo much to plink at, so little time….lol

      i saw a drone blow hell out of everything, on the teevee last night…then tom cruise shot it out of the sky with a rifle! pretty sure he's a city boy, so the rednecks'll prolly be doing it backwards, aiming with mirrors…☻

  7. john bear says:

    Well, Bob occasionally you get something about half-right. The first part of this article is right on the money. THEN you stumble. Let me see if I understand. First, to those who believe the Lincoln myth, rednecks attempted to destroy the US. Now, according to you, they're going to save it. How? Do you think owning a gun and living in the mountains or back woods is going to do anything? Apparently you do. Stalin had little problem defeating his version of rednecks and his country is about 2.5 times the size of this one. And Stalin didn't have the technology that is available today.

    Once again, Bob, you're whistling pass the graveyard.

    • reunion says:

      yes, true, but what's the tune? ☻

      A poor girl wants to marry, And a rich girl wants to flirt.
      A rich man goes to college, And a poor man goes to work.
      A drunkard wants another drink of wine, And a politician wants a vote.
      I don't want much of nothin' at all, But I will take another toke.
      'Cos I ain't askin' nobody for nothin', If I can't get it on my own.
      If you don't like the way I'm livin',
      You just leave this long-haired country boy alone.

      ~ cdb, "long haired country boy"

      • reunion says:

        i always really liked this one:

        Well my name's John Lee Pettimore
        Same as my daddy and his daddy before
        You hardly ever saw Grandaddy down here
        He only came to town about twice a year
        He'd buy a hundred pounds of yeast and some copper line
        Everybody knew that he made moonshine
        Now the revenue man wanted Grandaddy bad
        He headed up the holler with everything he had
        It's before my time but I've been told
        He never came back from Copperhead Road

        Now Daddy ran the whiskey in a big block Dodge
        Bought it at an auction at the Mason's Lodge
        Johnson County Sheriff painted on the side
        Just shot a coat of primer then he looked inside
        Well him and my uncle tore that engine down
        I still remember that rumblin' sound
        Well the sheriff came around in the middle of the night
        Heard mama cryin', knew something wasn't right
        He was headed down to Knoxville with the weekly load
        You could smell the whiskey burnin' down Copperhead Road

        I volunteered for the Army on my birthday
        They draft the white trash first,'round here anyway
        I done two tours of duty in Vietnam
        And I came home with a brand new plan
        I take the seed from Colombia and Mexico
        I plant it up the holler down Copperhead Road
        Well the D.E.A.'s got a chopper in the air
        I wake up screaming like I'm back over there
        I learned a thing or two from ol' Charlie don't you know
        You better stay away from Copperhead Road

        ~ steve earle, "copperhead road"*

        *i'll write up the chain link after awhile, if time allows…

    • Cajunfreedom says:

      John did I just miss where you explained where Bob stumbled? I can't seem to find anywhere here where you defined with evidence where he was wrong in his comments. Apparently you haven't paid much attention to how much trouble we've had winning a war in Afganistan against their much less trained and well armed brand of rednecks trying to flush them out of the mountains and caves? How in the world could you even begin to compare us to us to the people Stalin was trying to rid. I think you might not understand that our rednecks actually consist of many well off, well armed, engineers, doctors and thE such.

      • Reality Seeker says:

        "Apparently you haven't paid much attention to how much trouble we've had winning a war in Afganistan…………..I think you might not understand that our rednecks actually consist of many well off, well armed, engineers, doctors and thE such."

        True that, and well said.

        • reunion says:

          "our rednecks" & afghans are apples & apples? "well off" has a well known softening effect.

          lots of rednecks, others too, died 1861-65. about 2.5% of the population. everybody was similarly armed, trained, that time. not this time.

    • MalibuJoe says:

      We have one bulwerk of freedom, that protects us all despite government resources and technology — the government's TOTAL INCOMPETENCE. Think about it. We really did a great job in Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Libya, and Afghanistan — all lost although we claim to have won a couple. In fact, we weren't good in two World Wars. They were half over when we got in and the parties had already beaten each other up. Germany, half the size of Texas, was a threat to the world? You could say that, despite the patriotic harrahs, we haven't won a war in 200 years. Even in 1812, the Brits burned the White House, we didn't burn Windsor Palace. We tried twice, unsuccessfully to conquer Canada — another loser. Now we have drones, and a bunch of ragheads manage to hack them, land them, and give the parts to the Chinese. Oh, I worry — not!

  8. Lawrence Ekdahl, says:

    The American people have been dumned down by government controlled schools,news? media,and institutions aided by the satanic entertainment media. Just as the Roman republic degraded to despots and dictators; america has also digressed and is now ripe for any tinhorned dictator who comes along and promises them a free lunch. But any serious student of GOD'S Holy Word cansee the whole history of mankind unfolding before our eyes just as is prophesied in the bible. America is deep ib sin and unless God brings us to repentance we are doomed. All true believers should pray for america's repentance every day. We are called to witness for Jesus Christ and to live a holy life as best we can with God's help. We are not called to rebell against the government God has given us just as Jesus and the apostals and the early christians did not rebel against the tyranny of Rome.

  9. Cajunfreedom says:

    Robert Ringer I would really like your input on this! I have talked with quite a few military, ex military, police officers, and FBI agents and everyone I've talked to so far have no intentions of supporting Obama or the government if they decide to do some grandiose gun run on the people. In fact just the opposite, they fully intend on turning on the administration at that point and believe the majority of their superiors are of the same mind.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    • MalibuJoe says:

      BTW, if you worry about the police turning on us, take heart. The recent Dorner affair here in California showed them to be incompetent and easily taken by hysteria. Dorner hid for almost a week by staying in a condo about 100 yards across the parking lot from the police "command post." He'd still be there except he made two errors. He didn't realize the condo had maid service, and he was too nice to kill the maids. He only shot at police-related people. The police shot at everybody. Fortunately out here they are terrible shots.

  10. reunion says:

    "the risk you take might just be much greater than the risk you left behind in amerika"

    "might" is indeed the operative word.

    what's operative in preferring "the devil you know"? because that is the prevalent sentiment, always.

    at extremes (give or i've said before, much better to be early than late), contrarianism, fading the herd, is the correct bet. even within extremes, or on directional headings toward an extreme, mean reversion is the most prevalent process. you tout the long side. so does wall st. – that bastion, lol. amerika, however, is a screaming short.

    the language of baksheesh. i understand. to be fair & honest about that, however, you should compare prices of the "hellholes" with "safer" amerika. what's the going rate for bribery in amerika? or "justice", for another euphemism?

    thx for sharing your thailand experience, knowledge. you've already said you had worse experience(s): torture. others could recount similar experiences. but commercial airliners crash, too. the whole pic requires relating the prevalence of worst case to all the rest of the cases. most passengers arrive safely…& most expats don't wind up in torture cells.

    could a little of this be you? >>

    "We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom that is in it – and stop there; lest we be like the cat that sits down on a hot stove-lid. She will never sit down on a hot stove-lid again – and that is well; but also she will never sit down on a cold one anymore." ~ mark twain

    • Reality Seeker says:

      “could a little of this be you?”

      A little, indeed….. more than a little.

      Yes, because I was a risk taker. For example, I use to traipse around Angkor wat before it was completely cleared of mines and hostiles. That was a big risk. The reward was no tourists and some interesting souvenirs.

      But I’m not just talking about my risky behavior. What I’m warning about is also what can happen to ordinary people who want to live in once great countries like Argentina, for example. Remember, there was a time when Argentina was the crown jewl of South America and a great place to live. I love Argentina, but when the shtf who knows and who can tell how much it will take to get you dead or keep you alive. Like you said, reunion, “it’s a bet”…. There are dozens of places in the world that I can think of which I would bet to be safer than amerika both now and in the future. Pitcairn island is officially requesting people to move there, and reunion, you can’t get much more away from amerika then there. Svalbard is another good pick if you want to own a gun. It’s a bit cold for the “soft” people, however……. There are other, more practical locations, of course. No matter where you decide to locate, I would recommend listening to people who lived through an actual collapse, and Fernando Ferfal Aguirre has a great story to tell. I’ll provide the link.

  11. Lena in San Jose says:

    It annoys me that Obama is called "the first black president." First of all, he is a mix of black and white, and he was raised by his whit emoter and white grandparents, attended posh private schools, elite college and graduate school. There was no ghetto experience in his life. It was HIS guilt that is driving his hatred of America, which is, as you write, so obvious. He never focuses on our real problems either, like the debt or national security. No, he wants to marry gays, take our guns away, force us into a Marxist healthcare system, and keep pecking away at our rights and freedom. Meanwhile, North Korea will soon launch a hostile nuclear attack on some freedom-loving citizens, and Iran will try to annihilate Israel, jihadists will terrorize from their stronghold in old in North Africa, our economy will continue to slide, and we all twiddle our thumbs. And the mainstream media play at journalism but really just entertain and lie and obfuscate. And Obama flies away To admiring crowds instead of working with congress. We need to wake up or we will lose all our freedoms.

  12. jeromeennis says:

    (due to the 1500 character limit, the following comments will be sent in a series. This is part 1 of—?)

    This article is spot on, and this is the kind of language all of us who believe this way to continue to speak our minds, and not be intimidated by the finger pointing leftist cowards. The political correctness that has been instilled and beaten into the American psyche via the TV, so-called news outltets, the politicians, the public school system where they get an early shot at dumbing down and brainwashing the nation from preschool through any other higher education facilities posing as schools and universities, and all of the so-called entertainment crap that comes from Hollywood. And, it is this crowd of No Information morons, who Vote For the Marxists who promise free stuff that the government steals from others.

  13. Gugute says:

    I thought I'd mentioned here that a new edition of the conservative classic WEALTH AND POVERTY by George Gilder has just been published. It was originally published in the early 80's, and Reagan often quoted from it. Even if you've read that original edition, the new edition (with the subtitle: A NEW EDITION FOR THE 21st CENTURY) is worth at least borrowing from your library to read Gilder's new prologue and epilogue, with their comments about Obama. Also worth reading is its new foreword by Steve Forbes.

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