Iran: They’re Not Kidding

By Peter Bernard - Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On November 4, 1979, 66 Americans at the United States Embassy in Tehran, Iran were taken hostage by militant, Islamic “students” as part of the theocratic revolution led by Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomeini.  Of this number, 52 were held for a total of 444 days.

A proverbial shot was fired across the bow of the West.  The Islamic Revolution had arrived, and the United States was its ultimate target.

The formal establishment of Hezbollah in Lebanon occurred in February 1985 with the aid of some 1,500 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.  The “Party of God,”  along with their Iranian sponsors (who provide Hezbollah with $100 million per year), believes in the ultimate return of the 12th or “hidden” Imam, the Mahdi, who will restore the glories of Islam.  That brave new world will have no place for kaffirs, or non-believers.

Iran wasn’t kidding then.  They are not kidding now.

On April 18, 1983 Hezbollah attacked the United States Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon.  That terrorist bombing took 63 lives, including 17 Americans.

On October 23, 1983 Hezbollah terrorists murdered 241 American servicemen in the bombing of their barracks in Beirut.  The United States government put responsibility on the attackers and the government of Iran.

On February 26, 1993 a truck bomb, which was planted by Islamic terrorists, was detonated in the garage of the World Trade Center in New York City.  Six people were killed and 1,042 injured.  According to the FBI, the foiled plans of the perpetrators included upcoming attacks on the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels, as well as the release of enough cyanide gas to wipe out a small town.  The New York Times reported that at least $100,000, mostly from Iran, had been placed in the bank accounts of the prime suspects.

On August 2010, the United States Ambassador to Iraq stated that 25 percent of the deaths of 4,400 American soldiers killed in Iraq were due to Iranian-backed insurgent groups.

Iran wasn’t kidding then.  They aren’t kidding now.

Iran’s hatred of the West includes its repeatedly stated intention to utterly annihilate Israel.  Israelis and Jews worldwide know from bitter experience that such language must be taken seriously.

Iranian-sponsored attacks on Israeli diplomats and Jewish civilians in Argentina, India, Bulgaria, Georgia, and elsewhere show their true intent.

Regarding Iran’s development of nuclear weapons, President Obama stated in a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in March of this year that, “Iran’s leaders should understand that I do not have a policy of containment.”

Really? Does Mr. Obama truly understand the threat to the United States, its citizens, its allies, and its interests worldwide?

There is precious little evidence that this administration is dealing with Iran seriously.  In the Wall Street Journal on August 17, 2012 David Feith stated that sanctions on Iran have been “troublesome, not crippling.”  He further pointed out that all twenty of Iran’s major oil-trading partners have received waivers of some kind from U.S. sanctions.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said that America, “will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon.”  However, Iran remains deadly serious about obtaining nuclear arms.  Reuel Marc Gerecht recently wrote in The Weekly Standard “…there will be no nuclear compromise.  The Supreme Leader [Ali Khameini] will not buckle under sanctions.”

The fact is that the current regime of Islamists is not intimidated by what they obviously perceive as weak responses – such as the recently failed 5+1 negotiations — to their clearly stated objectives.  This pack of Iranian ideologues is on a clear path to obtain nuclear weapons, obliterate Israel, then focus on America.

Iran has already threatened to station warships off the coast of Venezuela, possibly precipitating another Cuban-style Missile Crisis.

Iran is still not kidding.

As to the proper American response, we need to remember a certain fellow named Ronald Wilson Reagan.  His 1980 election alone was the impetus for the Ayatollah to release the hostages taken back in the time of Jimmy Carter.

Of course, Reagan proactively challenged the Soviet Union as well.  He ordered the build-up of U.S. forces that ultimately caused the collapse of Communist Russia, thus deciding the Cold War in America’s favor.

Only a similar show of strength and unwavering resolve by the U.S. can make Khameini and his thugs stand down.

Severe measures may be necessary, including attacks on Iran’s infrastructure, supply lines, and electrical grid, and/or the bombing of its nuclear sites before they become totally impenetrable.

A stalwart United States standing up for its own interests and those of the West is crucial.  There can be no more bluffing or fumbling.

Can the United States afford to play this game of “nuclear chicken” with Iran?

Are you kidding?


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25 Responses to “Iran: They’re Not Kidding”

  1. Lawrence says:

    I don't fear Iran. I fear GOD. Do you really believe Israel will allow Iran to get a nuclear bomd? They can't afford to fool around like the USA. They will obliterate Iran before they can launch an attack.

    • reunion says:

      you have more in common with your opposite numbers than you might think: that's what iranian religious fundamentalists fear, too. could be a hint.

  2. Paul Fitzner says:

    The only way we can stop Iran is to vote OBAMA out of office. See the movie 2016..

  3. Southpaw says:

    So when you all wake up glowing in the dark you'll say to yourselves, "Uh, should've taken Iran seriously…" These people in Iran have no sense of humor and they hate us passionately. Why should we foist this on Israel? We need to take care of business, because it is our business too.

    • GrayCat says:

      Can you enlighten us on exactly when and how we should expect Iran to make us glow?


      Do you live in Iran? Otherwise, how do you expect to be lit up almost 10,000 miles away?!

      Do you live in Iran? How do you KNOW "they" hate us, let alone "passionately"?

      How would you feel if the tables were turned?

      The saner among us might regret the trumped-up animosity stirred up between our governments. The less sane would ignorantly and with blind passion hate what their government told them to hate, and what their media "sources" carefully fed them to keep their unthinking fear aroused to fever pitch.

      Pretty much as now.

      Why is it so hard to understand that if left alone, you'd never harm anyone. And if you left everyone else alone, they'd not harm you, too?

      Only governments — "states" — can devise the foolishness and bloodlust in their serfs that you are experiencing and embracing.

      Why do you allow it?

      • topeka says:


        I am certain that Southpaw is aware of the distinction between the ordinary citizens of Iran who would love to exit this cycle and the A holes in charge.

        Are you?

        I suspect you would prefer we continue to suffer the A holes in charge of our country – as long as you can spread your conspiracy theory bile.


  4. Jim Hallett says:

    Sounds like another neocon nitwit on steroids!! The CIA has killed more people than Iran ever will (the same can be said for the Israeli Mossad), and NO ONE committed the atrocity of Truman's A-bomb on Japan in 1945. The idea of America has died, and now we are left with a corrupt, imperialist govt., bent on telling the world how to run their affairs. How about us having Mossadegh assassinated in 1953 because we wanted their oil, and then putting in the Shah, against the wishes of the Iranian people? Get the HELL OUT of all these lands we are occupying and stealing their resources, and you will see the anti-American "terrorist" threat dissipate as well. The 9/11 story by the govt. is a LIE, and most of the crap that has followed is a result of that LIE. I dislike Obama as well, but continuing on this evil, imperalist neocon path that is the heart of U.S. foreign policy will only bring more grief. The soldiers cannot make us free, and they are not defending anything – they are dupes left to do the bidding of the military-industrial complex – the only ones who profit from constant war.

    • Madscot says:

      You are absolutely correct Jim… I hoped that Ron Paul educated more idiots like this one who continues to buy into the neocon propaganda served up on Fox and most mainstream media outlets. Reagan had the common sense to understand that our soldiers blood was not worth it and got us out of Lebanon. Perpetual war is unsustainable and corrupt political powers who create boogeymen for the ignorant sheep to believe is the motivation for our actions will end as well. You want to discover the "real" threat, do your research, follow the real money and politics and you will find out the lies you bought were sold as truth…

    • reunion says:

      thor had his hammer, john henry too (& a nice alliteration bonus), bruce lee had his nunchakus, but hallett has his mallet, & that rhymes – extra points, lol…

    • rockdoc01 says:


    • topeka says:

      1. CIA killings – citation please – I mean where? vs. What? You do realize the Iranians slaughtered 500,000 of their own non-Mooslim teenagers just as a death orgy? Right?

      2. The A-bomb was an atrocity? Would fire bombs have been better? Or should we have let Japan continue raping China, Indochina, the Phillipines, etc.?

      3. Mossad – so you're anti-semitic too.

      4. So we assassinated an A-hole in favor of "our" guy… and this means Iran would be better off as another version of Iraq or Pakistan? The Shah committed the crime of moving Iran into a leadership position in the region in agriculture and industry… an almost unheard of accomplishment at the time.

      5. What lands are we occupying? What resources are we stealing? If we are occupying and stealing – we are doing a lousy job. What we are doing is preserving another "our" guy team – one much more vile than the ones that have been deposed.

      6. The "terrorist" threat began long before we sent troops to Iraq to bail out the Kuwaiti bizzionliares. Long before.

      7. 9/11… truther? Admitted the Gorelick memo and the Clintonistas were no help to matters; and may have contributed to the breakdown of normal intelligence ops… but really what are thinking… the Bush Time Warriors pulled it off?

      8. Constant war… now you may be on to something. But the banksters fondness for war does not mean either that POTUS has to follow thru… nor that the A-holes do not like us FOR THEIR OWN REASONS.

  5. 4204life says:

    "Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenery, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar."

  6. Southpaw says:

    You will not see anti-American terrorist threats dissipate until we are all Muslims or dead. You really don't get it, do you?

    • reunion says:

      you will not see anti-american terrorist threats dissipate until american terrorist acts (& other trespasses) stop.

      as for threat du jour…the huns…the nazis/japanese/italians…the russians…the n. koreans…the vietnamese…the chinese…the cubans…the panamanians…the venezuelans…when are you going to get it that lies are states stock in trade & that lie #1 with a bullet (lots & lots of bullets) is threat manufacture?

      or are you just addicted to adrenaline, roller-coaster riding?

      • topeka says:


        1. I doubt Southpaw can match you for riding roller coasters…

        2. Why are you so wrapped up in Conspiracy Theories? The best ones are this website called YouTube …. you may have heard of it. You can get your news and information there… if you want.

        3. Objecting to complacency on the issue of A-holes is quite responsible considering the cost in lives and treasure for letting the Bad Guys set the time, place, the agenda and pick the battlefield.

        4. Point No. 3 does not mean the same thing as concurring necessarily with a military over-reach, war-mongering, and other signs and excesses of Big Govt. We all know the govt is too big and spends too much on war. Trying to pretend we don't have enemies simply makes those arguing against irrational abuses of our military and excessive foreign adventures look like kooks.

        Don't you know anybody who is actually in the halls of power? ON the ground in these wars? Or any of the victims? Or the lawyers who have helped the terrorists? I know quite a few – and the one thing I am sure of is that the situation is far more complex – except I think we can dismiss the kook theories.

    • GrayCat says:

      How about you enlighten us, fact by fact by irrefutable historical, practical, actual fact?

    • topeka says:


      I would point out that there are two other options;

      1. Rejecting Islam. Several European countries have done this in the past. It's hard – they do not fight the way we do, but it works temporarily – until a POTUS has to create a war to take the heat off his sexual affairs.

      2. Convincing them to convert to a peaceable culture – and responding appropriately to the ensuing outrage. No one has tried this seriously.

      Actual invasion has been tried – I don't list it b/c in this day and age it is a useless strategy. See Iraq and Afghanistan.

  7. GrayCat says:

    I wish Peter Barnard either knew some actual history, or was less disingenuous of this audience.

    Mr. Barnard, ever hear the CIA term, “blowback”? Do you know what it means, and when and why it was coined? You should look it up.

    Then get a little perspective on the “Iran Threat.”

    Just like the modern secular state of Israel, the ignorant and anti-Christian American “Christian” dispensationalist “evangelicals,” the extreme “fundamentalist” sects of Islam also believe that there must be a huge final conflict with unbelieving infidels for the Messiah to appear.

    And you want to help that stupid hateful scenario right along.

    Where do you people get the idea that participation in precipitating these events is good or godly?!

    You left out the part where all our intelligence reports indicate there is NO nuclear bomb-making intent or facility or capability in Iran? And Iran is a signatory and member of the world anti-nuclear bomb club — and America and Israel are not.

    So who really is the instigator of unjust, bloodthirsty war, here?

    Madeline Albright infamously said over 500,000 Iraqi children sacrificed to our sanctions was “worth it.” How many Iranian children will be “worth it” to satisfy your lust to precipitate war against a country people like you have wronged for over 100 years?

    How about we just go away, stay home, and leave them alone?

    • reunion says:

      sanity, laissez-faire capitalism, individual freedom..those words are within sight of this screed's title, author cite.

      prominent dates not in the author's list: august 6 & 9, 1945.

      this is an example of where rubbery conservatism meets the libertarian road, & loses all traction, wipes out. conservatism, more so than the early corvair, other models referred to, in nader's book, is "unsafe at any speed"….

    • Erato says:

      It's fairly obvious Bernard doesn't know much in the way of actual history, what is much less obvious is why that is. Who is Bernard? When I search I come up with a site for 3D Girl Adventures, a television weatherman, and this guy:

      eeny meenie minie mo, catch a peter by his… er… lol

    • Moment of Clarity says:

      GrayCat, your ignorance of the truth is astounding

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