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Michelle Malkin to Mitt Romney: Obama Is Not a Nice Guy

By Robert Ringer - Friday, April 20, 2012

God bless Michelle Malkin.  On Hannity Wednesday, Malkin was her usual wonderful self.  Commenting on Mitt Romney’s off-the-cuff remark earlier in the show that “The president’s a nice guy, but we just can’t afford him for four more years,” Malkin said, “I hate hearing this from Mitt Romney.  He’s got to get this talking point out of his mouth.  Barack Obama is not a nice guy.”

This was vintage Michelle Malkin, and her tongue-lashing of MittMan pleased me greatly.  It’s always nice to have your viewpoints confirmed by people whom you respect, and when I heard MittMan make his repulsive comment, I immediately said to my wife, “Why in the hell does he have to refer to a nasty, divisive smear merchant as nice?  Does he really believe that turning the other cheek and being a proper gentleman is going to get him elected?”

So, here we go again, folks.  You do remember Mush McCain’s stand-pat answer to questions about the Duplicitous Despot’s character and communist associations, don’t you?  “I’m not going to pass judgment.  That’s for others to say.”  Yuk!

Read Dinesh D’Souza’s The Roots of Obama’s Rage.  Read Stanley Kurtz’s Radical-in-Chief.  Read Obama’s own book, Dreams from My Father.  Read to your heart’s content about Obama’s background and associations on the Internet.

Above all, listen to his words when he speaks — and look at the nasty expressions on the face of the Sourpuss-in-Chief of the United States of America.  These are the words and expressions of an angry man molded by the thinking of communist Frank Marshall Davis, communist Saul Alinsky, communists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, communists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn … the list is endless.

I didn’t leave out Jeremiah Wright by accident.  It’s just that I doubt he’s a communist.  I think Wright is just a slick race hustler who is addicted to wealth and fame.  But to get that wealth and fame, he’s put a lot of hate into the minds of those who are the most vulnerable, including an already angry young Barack Obama over a period of twenty years.

In the opening pages of Debacle, coauthor (along with Grover Norquist) John Lott Jr. describes his first encounter with Obama when they were both working at the University of Chicago Law School:

When I was first introduced to Obama, he said:  “Oh, you’re the gun guy.”

I responded:  “Yes, I guess so.”

“I don’t believe that people should be able to own guns,” Obama replied.

I then suggested that it might be fun to have lunch and talk about that statement sometime.

He simply grimaced and turned away, ending the conversation.  That was the way numerous interactions with Obama went.

Sounds like a really charming young fellow, doesn’t he?

MittMan, we liberty lovers don’t dislike you.  We know you’re a flip-flopper and an opportunist, but that doesn’t make you a bad person.  Even standing for nothing doesn’t make you a bad person.

Nevertheless, we’ve been holding our noses since it became likely that you would be the next Dole-Bush-McCain in line for the Republican nomination.  But we can’t put earplugs in our ears every time you open your mouth.  Can’t you possibly restrain yourself from making nice to Commie Obamie?

Here’s my guarantee to you, MittMan:  The more nice things you say about Obama, the weaker he’ll see you and the nastier he’ll get.  Sorry, but he really isn’t a nice guy.

But, like his spiritual mentor Reverend Wright, he is an opportunist.  And every time you try to make nice to him, he’ll see it as an invitation, to paraphrase Tony Montana in the movie Scarface, to carve you up real good.

Be forewarned, MittMan, or you may end up undergoing an involuntary left-wing hemorrhoidectomy, courtesy of Dr. Obama.

 Click here to see the video of Michelle Malkin’s appearance on Hannity.

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16 Responses to “Michelle Malkin to Mitt Romney: Obama Is Not a Nice Guy”

  1. reunion says:

    neither is "a nice guy". this liberty-lover dislikes both. and the rest, too. my mouth is minty-fresh,talking point-free. lol…..

    • The Resolute Voice says:

      I hate to break this to you – BUT if you keep hammering Romney with so much nonsense and similar ideological talk to what Obama spouts – guess what? You'll get Obama for 4 more years. Romney is a MUCH nicer guy than Obama could ever be.

      • The New Mind says:

        You are so weak. This stuff needs to be said, and hopefully Romney reads it and we won't have to hold our nose every time he speaks. Honesty from Ringer is raw and you need to get your head out of you a……ss

      • Bill Zimmerly says:

        Romney? You mean the guy who supported TARP (just like Obama), the NDAA (just like Obama), the Patriot Act (just like Obama), the Brady bill (just like Obama), Massachusetts gun control laws (just like Obama), Government-Run Healthcare (just like Obama), and abortion on demand (just like Obama)?

        The truth is, there isn't a hill of beans difference between Romney and Obama, and it disgusts me to no end to see self-proclaimed "conservatives" compromise EVERY CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLE there is to advance the GOP's Obama clone over the only real Conservative in the race.

        "According to a 1998 study published in the American Journal of Political Science, Paul has the most conservative voting record of any member of Congress since 1937." –>

        • reunion says:

          were "the founders" conservative?

          when you read the federalist vs anti-federalist papers, or about annointeds, like hamilton, you plainly see that the conservation & consolidating expansion of power was & is the only true conservative "principle".

          cowering "conservative" mass men have been indoctrinated with a brochure definition of "conservative". and the unrecognized bait/switch, despite its prominence, is a function of that fear.

          conserves have been pulling the covers up over their heads ever since the word was coined (just another fiat "currency").

  2. Pete DiOrio says:

    Wow. The truth is so refreshing. I know what I'm suggesting here isn't a direct follow up to this article, but:

    Ringer huddles with Napolitano and others; forms something like; solicits 5 million patriots to contribute at minimum $10 per month, or $50 million per month; applies funds to legal challenges to unconstitutional actions by Congress and the regime – like lifting personal information from our computers and a huge laundry list of other unconstitutional actions too numerous to list here. State and local thugs shouldn't be immune either. Frankly, I'm tired of constantly hearing about and noting Constitutional breaches with nothing being done. Does something like this proposed action make any sense?

    • reunion says:

      what's 50mm facing off against "infinity", tho?

      the anti-federalists correctly identified the con in the constitution, in real time. to revere the parchment, this late date, after all has come to pass, is fetishism, denial, & a guarantee of remaining stuck in designated victim status.

  3. Devereaux says:

    Yes, that makes sense…..

    But why wait and expect someone else to "huddle" and do this?

    The reason it hasn't been done is that people who would like to see it are too damn complacent to get off their own butts and do it. They always think it should be someone else.

    How. Dry liberal of us all to think that way.

    Each of us has to find our own voice and raise it loud ourselves…not simply rely on someone else.

    Write a blog…build A website … hell, even just talk to whoever will listen….THAT is what will create the change we want. Coming up with good ideas that somebody else could do will not.

    Be encouraged. Do it. It's time!


    • Pete DiOrio says:

      It takes someone who is known and hands down credible to kick start a fund for legal challenges. I'm not saying it's the only or final thing to do, but you'll notice that it's the weasily (if that be a word) legislation that gets passed that piles on the oppression. Coming up with an idea that people can rally around isn't a cop out. As far as talking to whoever will listen, I just did. It's time for our dear leaders to hear the only kind of messages that they understand: legal stiff arms or coercion. I think we should try the legal route before inevitably resorting to the very same methods they have backing up their usurpation and oppression. Thanks for your thought.

  4. Reality Seeker says:

    "MittMan, *we* liberty lovers don’t dislike you."

    Thank God, I'm not included in the "We", because I dislike ShittMan.

    This is what will happen and what will not happen to the "We" : The Republican We will "hold their nose" until their eyes begin to smart from the rotting, fecal odor of Republican politics. The "We" will then close their eyes until the odor progresses to the stage of carrying with it an airborne plague. As the We writhe in pain from the political plague which they themselves voluntarily cast their votes for, the We will still not be honest with themselves and admit that they invested their blood, treasure and hopes into a sociopolitical system of which the rot cannot be stopped at this point.

    amerika is well beyond the stage of repair; however, it is not too late to rebuild after the upcoming collapse. How?

    By defaulting on the national debt, calling the military back home and reducing the size and role of government to what an Austrian economist and political genius such as Ludwig von Mises would recommend, then, yes, amerika could rebuild……. But, no, the We will not do that because it's not in their nature. The We believe that they are part of an "exceptionalism" which must be spread by force, i.e. "Be nice to America or we will bring Democracy to your country."

    • Reality Seeker says:

      The We— including Michelle Malkin— believe that they are part of an "exceptionalism" which must be spread by force, i.e. "Be nice to America or we will bring Democracy to your country." The We cannot accept that the I (individual) is where freedom begins and ends; therefore, the We will "hold [its] nose"—note: the plural pronoun, "its", denotes disrespect—yes, the We will hold its nose and vote for some goddamned Savior Government even after the Greater Depression stinks up amerika so badly that the We finds itself in hell on earth. Yes, the boot-licking nose-holders will merely vote in the lesser of two evils until both evils become so bad that the smell rots the noses right off their face.

  5. topeka says:


    I think you are being too kind to Rombama. Not that he will be POTUS – setting aside some miracle like all the illegals in Cali vote for him…

    He is a third or fourth string fiddle in the Wall Street crowd. When he gets the nod and goes back to them like a little puppy, "see me, see me, I can be your lap dog:" these people will wonder what the little whelp will do for them.

    "O" will support their causes to the end – knowing full well this means the end of America. That's the plan – to overturn Pax Americana and the hegemony of King Dollar – to see the world carved into fiefdoms for a handful – to fiddle while New Rome burns.

    Rombama will help this how? He likely doesn't even understand the agenda; and likely counts many of these same people as friends.

    Now we know who these people are, and what they are doing… we just keep thinking they're ignorant, or stupid, or something… when we realize it's really all about the Malice – that's when we know Rombama is toast.

    • Reality Seeker says:

      “'O' will support their causes to the end – knowing full well this means the end of [amerika]."— well stated,.

      Reality Seeker:Yes, O knows; they all know. They all know "full well" what's coming.

      Laughing Boy: So, Reality Seeker, you seem like a damn load-mouth-know-it-all, so tell us: What's really coming? A house of cards which collapses, right? —-ha Ha HA HHAA…..

      RS: No, what's coming is bigger.

      LB: O.K., then, it must be a skyscraper of cards? cough…smirk….giggle.

      RS: No, much bigger than that, Laughing Boy. I, too, used to compare the future collapse into The Greater Depression as a skyscraper of cards imploding upon itself, but my thinking was too small and not nearly momentous enough.

      Laughing Boy: Right, so, then, Mr. small-thinking Reality Seeker, just how big is "it" going to be? Is the entire U.S. debt going to go unpaid? A Great Default, perhaps?—-yawn…..

      RS: No, worse, much worse: You see, the derivative market all by itself is like a New York City of cards. The derivatives market is a bigger bubble than the sovereign debt bubble, and when the city of cards finally implodes, I fully expect that the derivatives market will go to zero, yet that shall only be a part of the Greater Depression.

      LB: ….ha Ha HA HHAA, that will be the day.

      RS: Well, Laughing Boy, you can check-out (Rule by Demons) if you can stop laughing long enough to actually think.…

      • topeka says:


        yes; you're LB sums up the sheeple well.

        Snapping people out of it is difficult – especially without sarcasm or an eye roll. Worse, far more of them are far more successful than anyone who is self-reliant – so traditional indicia of the quality of a man's ideas are no guide. Plus, those who are successful lose all credibility trying to explain away their apparent "interest" – Leftists just figure the successful cheated or stole their way to some success (even if that success is highly marginalized by Leftist efforts at economy distortion).

        Demonocracy offers great graphics illustrating the problem: Unfortunately, my bet is Laughing Boy is innumerate and not only cannot calculate his way out of a paper bag, he thinks two pennies in his pocket (the widow's mite) amounts to more than one trillion smackers. … cause 2 is more than 1. And even if he understood it – it would not matter – as long as he has a govt check, the cost to others is irrelevant.

        Leftist's have the same mind as a convenience store robber – whatever crime they commit is justified by their hatred of the store owner and his alleged crimes (in their fantasy-ideology). The shopkeep whose brains wind up all over the fags deserves "it" because she is a stooge of The Man.

        So if they were to "get it" – they don't care. They simply care nothing for the suffering of others. (This logic sorts Leftists from Useful Idiots)

  6. earl adkins says:

    I will only vote for MittMan if he becomes oBUMa's running mate and I don't believe that's a stretch of the imagination

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