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Obama Scolds the Supreme Court and Lectures Conservatives about Violating the Constitution

By Robert Ringer - Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In a desperate attempt to hang on to power, Der Fuhrbama is thrashing about like Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, frantically trying to browbeat anyone and everyone who refuses to carry out his wishes.  Given his tirade earlier this week against the Supreme Court — which hasn’t even ruled yet on the constitutionality of Obamacare — you have to believe he’s tempted to mimic FDR’s failed attempt to pack the Court with additional judges who would be sympathetic to his Marxist policies.

Obama not so subtly warned “unelected judges” not to overturn the centerpiece legislation of his dreams from his father.  It was startling, even coming from Obama, to hear him allude to “overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.”

Funny, but my recollection is that all Republicans voted against Obamacare and a number of Democrats had to be bribed (or threatened) into getting on board.  (With regard to the latter, Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson and Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu come quickly to mind.)

The King of Whoppers also accused conservative commentators of pushing for “an unelected group of people [to] somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law.”  Very cute.  The Four Horsemen of Communism — Marx, Engel, Lenin, and Trotsky — must have been smiling in their graves.

Imagine, the World Heavyweight Champion of Constitutional Usurpation is now lecturing conservatives about not violating the Constitution by allowing the Supreme Court (45 percent of whom are allied with BHO’s anti-constitutional policies) to “overturn a duly constituted and passed law.”  It’s akin to Adolf Hitler lecturing Germans on the importance of civil rights.  News flash, Barack:  If a law is unconstitutional, it’s the Supreme Court’s duty to overturn it!

When left-wing justices “legislate from the bench,” they create new law by ignoring the Constitution.  That’s what they did with their infamous Roe v. Wade decision.

By contrast, when the Supreme Court, in 1935, overturned the criminal convictions of Schechter Poultry Corp. owners in the Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States case, it was because they rightly decided that FDR’s Gestapo-like National Industrial Recovery Act was unconstitutional to begin with.

Judicial activism refers to the Supreme Court’s making decisions that are not Constitutional.  When it makes decisions that overturn unconstitutional laws, executive orders, and bureaucratic mandates, it is doing its job.

If Obama were just your everyday far-left zealot, he would be headed for certain defeat next November.  But he is not.  He is a bold, determined, in-your-face Marxist who has spent his entire life waiting for the opportunity to bring down America, the Western way of life, and the capitalist system.

As such, he has no intention of abiding by any decisions that might get in the way of his mission to fundamentally transform the United States of America into a third-rate economic power where each is forced to give according to his ability and receive according to his needs.

Of course, it goes without saying that — to paraphrase George Orwell in Animal Farm — in every communist country that has ever existed, even though everyone is supposed to be equal, some people (the ruling elite) are more equal than others.  As in, bring on the lobster and caviar — it’s dinner time for Momma Obama.

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41 Responses to “Obama Scolds the Supreme Court and Lectures Conservatives about Violating the Constitution”

  1. frank says:

    thanks robert for reminding us to vote for even a bland

    gop nominee to prevent obama from even having the chance to appoint another left wing sc nominee…

    • Sterling says:

      LOL!! Anyone for CROW? Who is doing the scolding now, hypocrites!! ONE MORE LESSON FROM THE GOOD CONSTITUTIONAL LAW PROFESSOR!!

  2. JAN says:

    I take what the Pres said to the supreme Court Justices a

    THREAT…. How many reader Remember the Movie?


    I fear for the justices security. I bekieve this Pres is capable of doing and may well do the same as done in the movie.

    • Common Sense says:

      I don't think you have to fear the Prez hurting the justices. He knows something about self-interest, and he'd never be able to finish the second term he's going to win if he takes out the conservative justices.

      He may not have a conscience, but he's smart enough to act appropriately, by that I mean to stay in office until the end of his second term.

  3. BLH557 says:

    Isn't this even vaguely parallel to calling the SCOTUS a "Slut"?

  4. Sue Navratil says:

    More and more like any dictator in the Third World!!

    He scares me!!

    His agenda is all that matters and when he doesn't get his way he sulks,pouts, and blames someone else. I guess he thinks we have no short term memory?

    You can bet I did not vote for him and will be voting FOR the GOP candidate.

  5. devereaux says:

    This is just another arrow in the heart of the Republic…Obama is relying on the ignorance of the under educated to confuse a republic with democracy. He is pushing for the mob rule of democracy by attempting to marginalize the Supreme Court…and the rule of law.

    Every American should be horrified by this…but not surprised.

    See my blog where I look at this……


    • SirGareth says:

      The under-educated sport PhDs

    • reunion says:

      "a republic – if you can keep it." was franklin being a smartass, or just cryptic, when he said that?

      the "arrows" are so thick where the "heart" used to be that each new shot splits an arrow that was shot before…

      you're not being honest with yourself.

  6. I must remind you that Obama is not, is not a Marxist. He is a Neo Left Liberal Fascist. His economic ideas are pure Fascist, and he appears to work from Mein Kampf as a script. To me this is a major point as we are witness to Germany taking over the EU. They are accomplishing what they could not do in two world wars right out in public. Paul Manning was right we are in the 4th Reich. Propaganda is the very air of these people they have to have it to gin up the base. Not sure that $4.00 a gallon gas is overcome by Propaganda, or that Chris Matthews is a sub for Hess?

    • Hal says:

      I’m not sure who “Paul Manning” is, but if his allusion to “the 4th Reich” is in reference to the Fourth attempted resurrection of the A.D. 800 established, “Holy Roman Empire” by Pope Leo III, under Charlemagne; then I’ll accept his imitative-compliment, since, for more than 2-decades I’ve been promoting the reality of that FACT, from its George H. W.. Bush announced inception, with his New World Order, State of the Union address! …

      There’s really NOTHING LIKE realizing how Noah must-have-felt; giving the World’s FIRST weather forecast!!!

  7. Gdubya says:

    Robert – I'm as anti-Obama as any of you but I'm so tired of your and many others of the overly Right leaners criticizing what any of you would do to keep yourself and your ideals in place, If you had an agenda, you would be pushing it too.

  8. john bear says:

    Where's the Hank toons?

    In 1820, T. Jefferson wrote in a letter, "The Supreme court will be the ruination of this nation."

    Since Marbury vs. Madison in 1803, SCOTUS has become the court of kings and queens who, with one vote, can dictate what 300+ million people can and cannot do, despite what they truly want. Thus, we have abortion, really eugenics, voted into law by SCOTUS in 1973, even though over 80% of the country was opposed to it.

  9. Common Sense says:

    I don't think the Supreme Court is going to uphold ObamaCare. It will be a close (5-4) vote, I think.

    Still, it's scary to see the real face of Obama in this newsletter's columns.

  10. Bradford says:

    I do not think you realize how powerful Obama is. He has the Jewish media behind him. It was this media who got him elected the first time and it is the Jewish media who will get him elected this time.

    How could a second rate community organizer who is not a citizen become president of the United States? It was a beautifully orchestrated media event. The communist said in the 50's "we will take over America from within" The revolutiion in the 60's was a political coup and the election of Obama was the crowning piece. ..

    After the election of Obama my Jewish friend said "we are not hiding anymore'..

    It is over folks, it is all just a dance. If you think you have any power, you are a fool

  11. Dick Kukowski says:

    Incredible. Has Obama not read the Constitution?

    A first year law student would know better.

    He makes Jimmy Carter look good. Carter, for all his

    faults never tried to subvert the Constitution.

    And his contemptuous lecture to the Court is out-

    rageous. The thought occurs that he may be suffering

    from dementia.

  12. earl adkins says:

    oBUMa has a very good chance of getting re-elected.I was reminded by this the other day watching a leftist documentary on Hugo Chavez.

    Remember how slim and trim he look when he took control of Venezuela and how quickly he fatten up after a couple years in office.

    They had a chance to change things but no the parasites he catered too help him stay in power.

    HELLO America your one wink away from this happening to you.

    Where's Bob Dole when you need him…. for the people who don't understand this…it's a JOKE and it's on us.

    To all those people who think I will give up my FREEDOM you can KMA KISS MY A………SS.

    Sorry Mr.Ringer I can't help myself …… it's getting personal

  13. Warrior Princess says:

    It is important to understand obama's many game rules. One rule (Alinsky rule) is making things bigger than what they seem. He does this constantly and captures as many fools as he can. Another rule (Alinsky) is to keep pressing what he desires as long as he can ( even if it is against normal odds) until it reaches the other side. He will take on the whole nation to try to get his way. If we don't kick in with will power to defeat him, he wins. Arnold Toinby, an American contemporary philosopher, said 19 civilizations have gone down and deteriorated from inside to out because of one common denominator weakness. And that WEAKNESS IS LACK OF WILL. obama has been working this on people since day one. I percieve him as an A1 bastard. I don't think he deserves to be called an American or to be allowed on American soil.

  14. Warrior Princess says:

    Ellis Baxter, I see it a little differently. obama, the unAmerican, (in my way of thinking) has a PHD in destroying America. he has gained this degree from the college of knowledge of life per what one learns while on life's journey. I feel certain he has either studied all communist, socialist, and other power monger strategies available. And if he hasn't, he is mentored by those who have. Heck, they probably have their own PHD club in destroying America. If there was a twin planet for Earth, and the people were more equipped with understanding and intelligence, obama would never have been elected in the first place. I praise you on your comment; I don't mean to seem like I am shooting you down. Bottom line: It would have been so much better if more people could have seen through him when he ran the first time. If we only knew then everything we know now.

  15. Warrior Princess says:

    It is a mystery why so many in the House and Senate don't totally revolt when he scolds them. They certainly show to be the submissive ones. They jumped when told to vote in obama Care. It should have been invalidated since most or all of them didn't even read the bill. he never misses a chance to scold and ridicule. Saul Alinsky was certainly right about the power of ridicule. To top all of this he follows Alinsky's advice of talking about peace and harmony, etc. while he does his sleight of hand. he is about to drive me over the edge when he brings in about what a wonderful, loving parent he is to Mallia and Sasha. he seems to think that bringing this up repeatedly will fool people into thinking he is a saint. If he could stand on his own better than that, he wouldn't even bring up his daughters. It is a blatent sign of weakness and floundering.

  16. Mike Rael says:

    I recall a number of political novels written by the man who wrote "Advise and Consent," Alan Drury. In one of them, we have a situation where the President is a weak man who is influenced by radicals and Communists. The only part of government that remained in order to preserve freedom was the Supreme Court. Obama apparently wants to remove that safeguard when it gets in the way of his political agenda.

  17. Warrior Princess says:

    Gdubya: For every action there is a consequence. The way I see it is that a great divide separates the thinkers and the non thinkers. Those jumping on obama's wagon may fit into different categories, but for the most part, I feel they don't see the consequences of obama's quick fixes. Also, they seem to have dead brain cells when it comes to such conclusions as we could not afford obama care in the first place. Is there even one thinking, voting taxpayer who would agree with this nonsense when they conider the immigration flood (legal immigrants, illegal immigrants, and refugees) which tax payers have to support. What percentage can connect in their minds that we are heading toward the population problems of India, Africa, and China? (obama seems to think the more the merrier.) Where is the logic? His following democrats don't seem to see the consequences. he claims to be the great environmentalist. And yet he is supporting overpopulation which means tons and tons more of all drug store items and household cleaners which will be dumped in our water supply when cities can not afford to purify the water or update deteriorating sewer lines. If the thinkers who search for (or have) solutions, – could unite and act, there would be a different world. There is too much talk and not enough action and unity.

  18. John Hunter says:

    The 0 buma administration is God's judgement on America.

    America, forgot God, America decided she didn't need God,

    We took God and prayer out of the schools, and out of the

    government and out of the public square, and began murdering

    the unborn, and God removed the wall of protection from

    America. And 9/11 occurred.

    9/11 was a clarion call of warning, a call to return

    to God. If America will repent and put God back in the schools, gov't and the public square, and cease murdering the unborn,

    God will bless the nation as He did previously. Will America

    repent and do this? Most likely not. The evil administration

    is moving us further away from God.

    The next attack on America will probably be far worse than 9/11.

  19. topeka says:


    Great article,


    1. "O" is not scolding SCOTUS. He set out sound-bites for the purposes of addressing the inevitable fault-out regardless of their decision. The sound-bites will enable him to campaign to claimhe was "shot down" or he has an "uphill battle." And so forth.

    2. To the extent he is addressing SCOTUS – he is simply telling the "conservative" (i.e. Center-Left justices) two things:

    – he holds them in contempt

    – he will not accept their decision

    3. His followers would, if they had a brain, use their decoder rings and retranslate these remarks:

    "O" will not abide the court's decision. Obamacare will proceed, and anyone who wishes to stop it will have to go back to court case by case, issue by issue – and fight the POTUS, DOJ, and the MSM.

    And each AG and Governor or each State in the suit will be targeted – sealed records unsealed, IRS audits, smear campaigns, etc., and violence. Only a fool would expect less.

    Many of us know this. Some of us have seen it up close and personal.

    Obamacare is critical to his plans – without it most Baby Boomers may enjoy healthcare until they are gone and the nation's collapse may be postponed for decades. Dare I say, a slim ray of hope the young will tire of working minimum wage jobs to pay benefits to their elders who squandered a civilization. (ok – that last bit's a fantasy – but without Obamacare we can pretend there's a real chance)

  20. frank says:

    my interpretation of obama's rant against the sc

    discussions of obamacare is this thought:

    he is looking for a chance to appoint sc nominee(s)

    who will remove what is left of constitutional limits…

    on government power…

    afer all if a sc can take away what was always considered

    sacred..the prohibition on aborting a fetus…which was considered a heinous crime….the sc can take away most other limits on government power….roe v. wade was a sad act of taking away of the life,liberty and happiness

    of the unborn…

  21. Kevin Beck says:

    Doesn't Obama even realize that TWO of the current crop of Supreme Court justices were chosen by him? This is the first time I heard him say that something he has done is undemocratic.

    And if Obama wants to get rid of the Hitler comparisons once and for all, he would get rid of David Broken-Axle, er, Axelrod.

    Maybe that's who those disillusioned democrats saw pictures of at those Tea Party rallies the last two years.

  22. Brent says:

    In the ongoing debate about the commerce clause vs the 10th Amendment: it seems to me that the 10th Amendment would supersede the commerce clause since it is an amendment to the original constitution. Amendments change the original document-not the other way around. There is still no mention of health care in the Constitution; it would have to be introduced by yet another amendment itself to bypass the 10th Amendment in priority.

    Those trying to claim the commerce clause allows them to violate state sovereignty are trying to use an older, unamended version of the Constitution to do it.

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