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Romney Nightmare: Ron Paul Resurfaces Yet Again

By Robert Ringer - Friday, April 27, 2012

Conservative Republicans knew they were in trouble when one-time conservative Ann Coulter suddenly refocused her swooning from Chris Christie to Mitt Romney.  Even Nutty Newt is jumping on board, for fear of being left outside the establishment tent, which could hurt his lobbying business.  Ditto most of Romney’s other bloodied and bruised competitors.

Except for one — that country doctor nutcase who just doesn’t seem to understand how the political game is played in Washington.  Yep, to the chagrin of the Republican establishment, Ron Paul doesn’t seem to have an interest in joining their ranks.

While the media has done everything possible to make Ron Paul invisible to the public, he keeps doing annoying little things to grab people’s attention — like belatedly winning the most delegates in both Iowa and Minnesota.  And showing up in Rasmussen polling as the only Republican who could beat Barack Obama.  The truth is often hard to swallow.

And the truth that establishment Republicans are trying hardest to ignore is that Paul could create a nightmare for Romney at the Republican Convention in Tampa.  If he can prevent Mittman from getting to the magic 1,144 mark before August 27, all hell could break loose at the convention.

And if that happens, it’s not unthinkable that many Romney supporters who have been holding their noses could start shifting to Paul.  Too crazy to contemplate?  Pretty crazy, yes — but not totally crazy. 

I have said from the outset of the primaries that, contrary to what pundits would like us to believe, the candidate the Obamaviks most fear is Ron Paul.  Why so?  Because he could peel off a huge number of dissatisfied Obama supporters who are attracted to his foreign policy positions.

Further, if Paul actually secured the nomination, the Obama smear machine would find him to be a very difficult target.  I guess they would have to try to make him out to be an enemy of the poor, but there’s no Bain Capital in his background.  He’s just a good-natured country doctor from Texas, whose trademark is defending the Constitution.

Paul’s positions have been bold and consistent throughout his long tenure in Washington — consistent on both social and economic issues.  His platform, in a nutshell:  Cut government down to its lawful constitutional size and unshackle the individual.  Period!

America-hating, Constitution-hating, capitalism-hating Barack Obama would find himself fumbling and stumbling around trying to figure out how to get in a below-the-belt shot at Paul.  It would be great fun to watch his frustration.

Reminder:  I know times have changed, but in 1920, had there been a Las Vegas, bookmakers probably would have given 100-1 odds against Warren Harding’s winning the Republican nomination after he finished the first ballot with less than 7 percent of the vote.  After a record-setting ninth ballot, he still only garnered 38 percent of the vote.

But after a lot of behind the scenes deal-making, Harding won the nomination on the tenth and final ballot with 70-plus percent of the vote.  He only served two years before a heart attack took him out, but that led to six years of Calvin Coolidge, perhaps the greatest free-market president of the past hundred years.  The Marxmeister in the White House must croak whenever he hears someone quote Coolidge’s most famous sound bite:  “The business of America is business.”

Maybe such a scenario is a pipedream for Ron Paul supporters, but, at a minimum, the Romney establishment crowd had better think long and hard about whether it’s a good idea to prevent Paul from addressing the convention.

I agree with Grover Norquist, who wrote in the British Guardian, “Ron Paul is the only candidate for the Republican nomination whose endorsement will matter to Mitt Romney.  It is the only endorsement that will bring votes and the only endorsement, if withheld, that could cost Romney the general election.”

Considering who is in the White House right now, what happens in Tampa could be one of the most pivotal events in American history.  The only question is which way the Republican Party will pivot.

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113 Responses to “Romney Nightmare: Ron Paul Resurfaces Yet Again”

  1. Reality Seeker says:

    Ron Paul is a good man. It'll be nice to hear and see him speak tonight at University of Houston. Last night he attracted a crowd of more than 6000 when he held a town hall meeting in Austin.

    What is amazing to me is just how well Ron Paul has done despite the venom spewed at him by GOP-collectivist-war-mongers such as Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Bill O'reilly, Glenn Beck et al.

    There is a ray of hope, just a small ray, that Ron Paul will be able to help educate and grow a movement that will turn into something which is much bigger than himself. Ron Paul will not be the next president; however, it is looking increasingly likely that the next president is going to face The Greater Depression. Ron Paul and/or Rand Paul will be among the leading voices of Libertarianism and Austrian economics during that massive crisis.

    Good luck, Ron, because with enemies like those found in the GOP, you're going to need it…….

  2. Mike Rael says:

    You mean Ron Paul actually has a chance to be President as Harding? I thought everything was locked up in favor of Romney. Rasmussen shows that Paul is the only one who could beat Obama? Romney could NOT beat Obama? Seriously? I'd want more evidence before believing that. Personally I'm an Ayn Rand libertarian. I'd love Paul to be our next President.

    • HIllfarmer says:

      Romney has little to no chance of beating Oboma; and we better hope he does not. If Romney who is no better then Oboma wins the election many people such as establishment Republicans will go to sleep and think the nation is safe because we got rid of Oboma and Romney will be able to continue the destruction of the United States with little opposition.

      If the Republican Party Power structure wants to have a Republican win the election this fall they better see to it some way or another that Paul is the nominee. They need to quit pushing for Romney the loser and start promoting Paul.

      Informed Republicans, anti-Oboma Democrats, freedom loving independents and libertarians will not vote for Romney. If Paul is not on the ballot we will right in Ron Paul or vote for an alternative party candidate. Four years ago I voted for the Constitutional Party candidate Chuck Baldwin. Paul supported Baldwin.

      • Same here on all counts.

        I am a Ron Paul supporter not because of "stage presence," but because I insist on supporting a man of principle or no man at all.

        If the truth will set you free, then it stands to reason that lies will enslave you. I refuse to be enslaved. I, therefore, will not vote for Romney if he wins the nomination.

        I voted for Chuck Baldwin last time. I have voted third party since 2004, despite my active role in the GOP in my state. As our state GOP platform states: "We proclaim allegiance not to the party, but to the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Maine."

        I will vote third party again this time if there is no honest candidate who will advance the principles of American and our Constitution.

        (PS for those of you who have suffered from Koolaid ingestion: That means I cannot and will not vote for Romney or Obama.)

        • Bryan says:

          "I am a Ron Paul supporter not because of “stage presence,” but because I insist on supporting a man of principle or no man at all."

          And how has that worked out for you since 2004? You can cut off your nose to spite your face, but you're still going to feel the pain. Refuse to vote and you still go down the drain with the rest of us. And you wonder why everyone considers Ron Paul supporters Zealots. You are a prime example.

          • SueAnn says:

            We are in dire need of Zealots. Have you looked at the National Debt lately? Have you noticed how many people are unemployed?

            We need Zealots if we are to survive as a nation.

          • tannim says:

            We'd rather cut off our nose than cut off our head and cut out our heart by supporting those statist losers in Mitt Obama and Barack Romney.

          • reunion says:

            "how's that working for ya'", asks the good doctor phil, encapsulating the seamy, small-self-serving, perspective of too many.

            when a collaborator tells you you're cutting your nose to spite your face, he projects his own denial.

            but, all voters are collaborators. that includes paulians.

      • Dan says:

        Romney has neither the chance nor intention of defeating Obama, His assignment is just to be the opposition in case enough are sick of Obama. Remember folks its the same way on the other team too. Every 4 years we will hear on either "side" We must rally behind our CFR guy to beat their CFR guy. I'm sorry your guy didn't get ahead in the rigged primaries where we make sure our CFR guy somehow comes out leading the party which mostly despises him. But he's our CFR guy and we must rally behind him to stop their CFR guy or he will do all the terrible things our CFR guy is going to do if he gets in. And the funny thing is the people who fall for this time and time again try and claim the mantle of patriotism, telling me it's unpatriotic to not back their CFR guy, as they blindly try to vote themselves into the Agenda 21 end game.

        • PendragonRise says:

          You said it all right there Dan! But then, you're a conspiracy theorist, and you know what the robotic masses think of us. Without Ron Paul as President, America doesn't have a prayer.

    • Unconventional Conse says:

      Paul has Iowa sewn up…I can tell you that as fact.

    • Huckster says:

      Go to a precinct or county convention, you might rethink whether or not RP has a chance. He's playing chess not checkers. I'm not likely to believe Romney has a chance against Obama without vote fraud, even with an RP endorsement, we're talking about 8th versus 9th level of the inferno….. I suppose if enough states have the funky in party write in rules that apply to the nominee of the party of your write in, maybe that could boost Romney into the presidency….. Even old vanguard repubs at the county convention acknowledged that it took both parties to get us here. I don't mind voting for Romney at the state convention as long as I get to vote for informed delegates to nationals…..

    • Matthew West says:

      The polling statistics are really all you need. Can Romney grab democrats? Maybe a couple because he is albino Obama :P Can he grab independents? Hardly they see how often he flips.

      Ron Paul grabs democrats, independents, republicans, and even people who are anti-voting because the system plain sucks.

      I would argue the more likely event is Paul running as a 3rd party and winning, than Romney head to head with Obama and winning.

      • tannim says:

        Paul isn't running 3rd Party. To do so he would have to show up in Las Vegas next weekend to get the LP nomination, but doing so would screw Rand for the future too. Besides, the LP is a mess and 3rd-party ballot access is stacked against them.

    • aremis says:

      hahah no Ron Paul is for freedom which we are rapidly losing……….ask yourself why ndaa….why would Romney also support it, why is sodomy and beatiality also now legal for military…… many things go to you tube Ron Paul 12 term never voted for a junket wont accept the posh pension he has earned, he has accuratly predicted 9/11, educated the massses, truly cares about ppl, esp. vets, his fight fot the last 30 years have been for freedom and constitution for enlightment delights youtube young ron paul you will see him with brown hair saying all the same things he always has, he predicted housing crisis and tells you things that will blow your mind!!!

  3. Darci says:

    Ron Paul is a great man, with all the right ideas. Unfortunately, he lacks 'stage presence', that factor of appearance and groomed speech that attracts voters in droves. 'Pretty' will beat practical every time. Doubt me? Look at who's in charge right now …

    • Hal says:

      FORTUNATELY, you contradect your own argument!!! … IT IS EXACT THAT "BEAUTY", turned into this BEAST, WHICH IS IN FACT MAKING 'practical' beat pretty THIS TIME!!! …

      Pay attention: there's going to be a "Quiz" LATER!!!!

    • Dan says:

      lacks stage presence that draws voters in droves. Somebody's been watching too much tv 2 min shocker for you go to youtube search for this video not quite 2 mins long, then we can talk about drawing voters. Witness the Power of an Idea: Ron Paul Massive Rallies 2012

      • Dan says:

        Ack forgot the link thats what happens when you stay up too late on the net here 2 mins to see if he can draw droves

    • LW says:

      Unfortunately, he lacks ‘stage presence’, WTF?

      I think you need to stop slurping the Korporate media Kool Aid. It is geting to be a rare occaision when RP does not pack the venue his is speaking at and you say he lacks stage presence,

      I think this type of thinking is what has gone wrong withthe American voter, we tend to buy for the packaging and not for the contents.

    • Anon says:


      Except the ones who are Ron Paul and FREEDOM Supporters.

    • Winston says:

      Stage presence? Is that why he had 8000 show up to his speech at UC Berkeley, 8000 at UCLA, 5000 in Austin, 5200 at the U of Wisconsin, 5000 at U of Illinois, 6200 at Cal State Chico, 3000 at U of Idaho, 1200 at UT El Paso, 3000 at U of Houston, and many I cannot remember?

      He has enough stage presence …..lately he's been touted as "HONEST RON"…… and 30 years of keeping his word to the people and enough delegates to get him on the Tampa nomination ticket…….and re-elected to his seat 12 times….Romney couldn't get re-elected even one time.

    • aremis says:

      hahaha we dont want no stinkin beauty queen go to you tube you will see ron 30 years ago 12 terms full, fighting for your freedom and sayin alll the same he says now..uncoruptable i love his stage presents obviously with romneybot getting 50 or 100 ppl and ron paul getting many thousands at every rally belies your statement

  4. R Hacker says:


    An excellent article providing insight and some hope for Ron Paul. I will vote for him even knowing at best he will only accomplish "turning the ship" toward the direction our country needs to be heading in.

    That is and should be the strongest motivator for anyone who loves our country and desires all citizens to be given the opportunity to pursue a better life for themselves and family.

  5. Paul says:

    Ron Paul is the only candidate whose story never changes. His ideals and values are solid and steady. He never says what he thinks people want to hear, just to get them on his side.

    Other politicians marginalize him because he is a threat to their livelihoods, their pork barrel earmarks and their lifetime careers as politicians. Many of their cronies would be on the chopping block with Paul at the helm.

    Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin don't like him because he would virtually eliminate their reasons to exist. There would be very little mud to sling at his administration.

    Ron Paul is EXACTLY the kind of leader this nation needs, at our worst time in history. Since so many people are convinced he has no chance of being the GOP candidate, the best move Romney could make right now would be to select either Ron or Rand Paul as his VP.

    • Dave says:

      I'm not sure I agree with your conclusion about Romney selecting either Rand or Ron Paul as his running mate. Both father and son appear to be men of their convictions and principles. A righteous man does not permit himself to become yoked with a wicked man; bad company corrupts good character. Therefore, it seems unlikely to me that either man would agree to or be interested in becoming Romney's gofer and running mate. Most VPs end up having little to no influence within their respective administrations. Why would Rand or Ron find such a role of interest to them? I doubt they would.

      • Paul says:

        Choosing Rand could certainly set him up as a viable candidate for the next election.

        • Colram says:

          Actually, I think it would diminish his chances in future elections. Pairing with Romney would certainly sour me on voting for him. People are often judged by the company they keep and, in this case, it would seem that Rand had sold out to the devil.

      • aremis says:

        uncorruptable is Ron and i would love rand but he will get in later some ppl would not like it nepatism is a negative word ppl would use……..some ppl

  6. BLH557 says:

    There are FEW over-reaches made by Mr. Ringer. In this article, one glaring example comes to mind; that poll showing Ron Paul beating Obama was done more than six months ago… probably to hand-picked independent voters. New polls out every day are ambiguous at best.

    I admonish Dr. Paul for his stands and his persistence, however; NOT A CHANCE IN DC (don't like saying Hell, so I'll just use the US Representative).

    I'm not a Paulite, but I assume even staunch Paulites know that Mitt-Man is the nominee. To not support the Republican Nominee, no matter how distasteful it may be, is to assure The Obamao another term… I like to call it "Americanus Terminalis".

    Enuff said.

    • BLH557 says:

      Guess I was wrong about the Paulites. Self-delusion is so ugly.

      • reunion says:

        true. but vichy collaboration is delusion, too.

      • Dave says:

        So is flawed thinking and mockery. What makes you so sure that you're not suffering from that very same malady?

      • Mark says:

        Wow, you were wrong… inside of one minute? What, in that one minute here, changed your mind?

        I mean, no one here posted anything in that minute, and you certainly couldn't have read something somewhere else, come to the conclusion, and then typed and entered it in a minute.

        I think you're probably wrong about a lot of things… take more than a few minutes and change your life.

    • Dave says:

      Anyone paying attention to the lies of the mainstream media which is owned, controlled and manipulated by the global elites who make up the CFR membership knew that Romney was the choice of the true people who select our nominees from both parties and the ultimate winner in the general election. Everything we hear from our media and the polls are lies designed to manipulate the perceptions of the American public into believing that we live in a free constitutional, federal republic to whom our elected officials are accountable. We don't. it's that simple. Therefore, if we all agree to play the game the elites wish us to play, the gig is up, they win and their vision for the New World Order becomes a reality over the next 4 years and all hell breaks loose on earth.

      It's not difficult to see that the elites have completely marginalized Ron Paul because he is the only candidate still standing who stands for the trut, common sense and what is in the American people's best interests. Mocking him for his well thought through policy positions is not sophisticated or enlightened; it's just evil.

      We can all make the global elites' plan a self-fulfilling reality by playing by their rules and attempting to anticipate who has the ability to beat Obama in the general election, but we do not have to yield to that kind of flawed thinking. Our actions now can shape a different set of choices in the fall.

    • LibertarianGuy says:

      The poll showing Ron Paul beating Obama is not from 6 months ago, it is from 2 weeks ago.

    • Ernie Ludwick says:

      , BLH557; No, the poll showing Paul beating Obama (and Romney not) is new. It echos the older one you are thinking of but it was released this month. The MSM buried it.

    • Mark Anthony Jones says:

      Still sleeping much?


      OUR country is going down the tubes from this exact kind of thought process. THIS election will be won or lost in the PRIMARY. If Mitt wins the nomination the election in the fall automatically and unquestionably goes to Obama. Why? The Republican party must be reborn IMMEDIATELY or it is DEAD. If we do not get RON PAUL for the nominee, we will WRITE HIM IN this fall, so we get another chance for a LIBERTY president in 4 years. -WE DO NOT WANT 8-16 more years of Republican fascism. One hundred years of sleeping is ENOUGH! We MAY lose this battle in November, but we will be back in 4 years with another LIBERTY candidate. there are thousands upon thousands of Ron Paul folks running for positions WITHIN the OUR party in every single county in this country. This party will be a DIFFERENT party in 4 years.

      Did YOUR congressman vote for CISPA or against it? Republicans voted for this INSANE LIBERTY-STEALING BILL and WE ARE ANGRY that they so disregard our liberty!

      I am a duly elected RON PAUL delegate to Tampa from Missouri and the establishment is on notice that we are coming! THANK GOD there are still enough working parts of the Republic left to get it back on track. Ben Franklin said, "Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner." This is a republic, not a democracy!

    • Jaed Deaj says:

      You might want to think twice about that because one of Romney's financial buddies was arrested in Germany and has started singing like an opera star. Romney and Bush are involved and they're soon going to be wondering what happened to 900 million dollars that went offshore, etc.

      Romney is facing trouble for that as well as felony charges for vote buying.

      Don't count on Romney being in the race too long and if he is, he'll cripple us anyway. No one WANTS to vote for Romney but have been manipulated into believing that HE is the only candidate in the race.

      Btw, the RNC "coordinating" with the Romney campaign is against party rules, Particularly:

      Rule #11a states:

      (a) The Republican National Committee shall not, without the prior written and filed approval of all members of the Republican National Committee from

      the state involved, contribute money or in-kind aid to any candidate for any public or party office except the nominee of the Republican Party or a candidate who is unopposed in the Republican primary after the filing deadline for that office. In those states where state law establishes a nonpartisan primary in which Republican candidates could participate, but in which the general election may not include a Republican candidate, the candidate endorsed by a convention held under the authority of the state Republican Party shall be recognized by the Republican National Committee as the Republican nominee"

    • Richard says:

      The Rasmussen poll on weekend of April 22 has Paul beating Obama.

      The largest contributors to Obama are the same backers of Romney: Goldman, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Citibank, Bank of America… The parties are owned by the banks. 'End the Fed' addresses at the root of our problem, and the heart of our moment in history. Ron Paul is the only one openly having the conversation. The fiat dollar will not survive trillion dollar bailouts of European nations on top of hundreds of trillions for global "financial institutions", to support the coming trillions in bankrupt social security. Just up ahead? The bridge is out….

    • CallmeAnn says:

      I don't fault you for your belief that we must vote for whomever the Republican nominee is, but hear me out. I hope I don't insult you by asking whether you listen to Rush. I agree with ONE thing he has repeatedly said. He always says that intentions don't matter. What matters is results. If we don't save our economy, it won't matter what our president thinks about Israel, it won't matter how he feels about abortion. It won't matter how he felt during the campaign about the wars. If we don't rescue our economy and save our crashing currency, there will be no more America as we know it. Our military will come home in disgrace, and not by choice, because we will have NO funding. Our debts will be called. Whether you are a bible believer or not, you must agree with scripture that the borrower is a slave to the lender and our lender is CHINA. So. Will Romney pull our monetary fat out of the fire? Lets look at the facts. Mitt Romney supports the Paul Ryan budget plan (referred to on his page as the House Republican Budget plan). This plan seeks to balance the budget in 30 years and only reduces the rate of growth in spending. We are so far in the hole at this point, that that plan is just too little, too late. The result will be a downward spiral that will sink as sure as anything Obama has proposed would do. So, is it really any kind of threat to cast a protest vote?

    • Tom says:

      It sounds like you're a bit deluded yourself. If Obama is so evil, why are you backing a man who has no chance of beating him? He consistently polls worse than Ron Paul, especially among women, independents and Democrats. Or do you somehow think that Republicans can win this thing without any votes from outside party lines?

      Moreover, what are the major differences in policy between Romney and Obama anyway? I'm certain it is not foreign policy, or gun control (or is it?), or abortion (or is it?), or monetary policy, or healthcare reform (or is it?). It seems as though any educated voter would be suspicious of Romney's record.

      If you want to dig even deeper than that, look at Romney's donations. He gets money from the same people that give Obama money… and those aren't individuals, those are big banks and other big, subsidized businesses. I thought Republicans liked capitalism? Meanwhile, Ron Paul is enjoying huge contributions from all branches of the military, both active and retired. More than Romney and Obama combined.

      It just won't work. To vote Romney is to vote for Obama. He is not the best candidate and is a virtual death sentence to the Republican Party. To stick with Romney just because he is the "presumptive nominee" (also: it is going to be a very long and difficult role for both Romney and Paul to win the nomination. If you count the delegates, there is still no obvious winner) is very shallow and downright unintelligent.

    • Dan says:

      a settled deal eh? Mitt didn't do too well today Ron paul took Louisiana, And the pro mittens chair of AK GOP party who tried to shut out Paul voters and delegates Just got ousted and gues who now controls AK party? Exactly what happened in Iowa too. The tool you're blindly supporting has the backing of corporate sponsors yet the little old man with the real grassroots campaign has managed to draw thousands at every stop he makes despite their media's best efforts to convince America he doesn't exist. Join us and throw out the corrupt old guard and actually stand up for the principles that have become nothing but rhetoric for many years. Neocons will be looking for a new party after Tampa, Fact is we already control a major portion of the state and local committees. Mitt's getting so many of them to try to skew the process has led every time to them getting ousted and our people taking over. But go ahead and keep telling yourself Fox tells you everything.

    • Dan says:

      hmm who just swept the delegates in Louisiana? over 75% going to state convention are delegates for who? No Mitt isn't the nominee and he will lose at the brokered convention. Oh yes guess who's now in control of the Alaska State GOP? The old chair was ousted after fixing the vote for Mitt, And just like Iowa we now have all the officer positions. Wasn't a good day for mitt yesterday at all because on top of that.He didn't get the delegate slate he wanted in his home state of Mass. No its not over the convention is in August. Still only April here. Maybe this will open your eyes a little,

  7. Ron Paul, as virtually all of you has said, is the only chance this nation has of overcoming the horrors that are about to descend on us. But, sadly, the media, for to presidential elections, has blatantly ignored him, fobbing him off like a "wanna-be," an ignorant, naive pretender. It seems the powers-that-be are working extra hard to bury him in the darkness of media ignorance. Tells you something, right there. I've been a stauchly loyal "Paulite" for nearly 10 years and have yet to find fault with the man's policies and social acumen Yes, his overall appearance is not "beautiful." But, his promoters can turn this to his advantage: the wise grandfather who will guide the Senate and Congress back to better ways (or else its the back shed for 'em!) And, as a Libertarian, and sickened by the steady losses of our rights, my only hope for my future, and everyone else's, is Ron Paul. It is definitely possible that Senator Paul could win the nomination at the Convention. Why? Because the nation is at last, through the power of the internet, discovering this man, much to his "competitors'" chagrin. The mainstream media is powerless to prevent it, hoping only that continued ignoring, coupled with cutting little jabs at him, will keep the tide from surging into a tsunami. They are immensly ignorant of the continuing intelligence of the people of this country.


    • reunion says:

      the perennially popular moses poses…project everything, all hope of rescue & salvation, onto/into a one person package. "shoot it all" & roll the bones….

      not everything can be delegated…but "delegated" is a comforting euphemism for "i gave it away", followed invariably by "gifters" remorse……..

    • CallmeAnn says:

      A gentle correction, simply for the sake of clarity. Dr. Paul is Congressman Paul. Senator Paul is his son, Rand, and will not be on the convention ballot.

      Hope you don't mind me saying so.

  8. Smucko says:

    The Republican Party is beyond redemption at this point. They are stuck in their decades-old syndrome of trying to keep up with the Demos on entitlements in order to show that they are not a bunch of mean old white guys. Congress will keep their heads down and their hands out while the other two branches of government continue to shred the Constitution.

    We don't have time to wait until the 2016 elections to turn this ship around, assuming that there will still be free elections in 2016. The best hope is that Ron Paul LEAVES the Republican Party and starts his own. I especially like the idea of him teaming up with Buddy Roemer, who is also obscurely running for President with no media attention. He is an ex-governor who can articulate the same themes that Ron Paul believes in, and he has fought the fight. You can catch Roemer on Cavuto tonight at 6:00 and 9:00 P.M. E.S.T tonight on Fox Business News.

    AND, while you are up, why not vote out YOUR worthless Congressman? There goes the real culprits in this fiasco! It is amazing to me how the gullible public rates the Congress below 10%, but doesn't want to vote for a 3rd Party candidate, and then believes that IF we can just put the Right Guy in the President's office, that we can save the Republic that we were given. I hate to tell you, but history shows that Benevolent Dictators are hard to find. Millions of people have awoken to realize that they didn't get the government that they ordered. Will we be next?

    • reunion says:

      < save the Republic that we were given.

      i was given mononucleosis once &, fortunately, it wasn't saved. of course, mono's not nearly as virulent as "republic"…….

    • CallmeAnn says:

      The media already has the public thinking Ron is out of the race. It will be even easier to ignore him if he is on a third party ticket. Besides, the winning combination in November will be the Republican base PLUS the swing vote. If he goes third party, he loses the base.

      • Dan says:

        You think, well with the youth vote (remember they were credited with Obama's win) and with an already dedicated and sizable group of democrats now calling themselves blue republicans (remember the effect of the Reagan Democrats?) the military and veteran vote, the libertarian and Constitutionalist votes and yes the evangelicals who will never vote for Romney, yeah I think its doable. Not that we have a real choice. We don't have 4 years to wait. With NDAA and CISPA there will not be another chance to rally for our freedom. And then there's the unsustainable insane spending, thin that will last another 4 years without collapse? Not to mention if we lose each and every one of us has publicly supported the Constitution.
        Now maybe people who drink tv news koolaid aren't aware but the feds now classify those who speak about the constitution as potential terrorists! So we must hang together or we will most assuredly hang separately. Another thing to consider we actually control many of the state and local arms of the GOP. If they refuse to end the corruption and force us to leave they will be hard pressed to rebuild a party to support Obamney. So my question to you is do you want a vibrant invigorated GOP that will draw young and minority voters into the fold, and actually work at restoring the republic? Or do you want to let the party die just to obey the corrupt old guard?

  9. Rocketman says:

    Ron Paul is by far the best candidate. But trying to convince the average voter of that after the savage attacks on him by the establishment media may be impossible. As bad as it has been up to now it will be much worse if he actually gets the Republican nomination. I do not believe that Romney can beat Obama. There are too many people like myself that will refuse to cast a vote if the election is between Obama and Obama lite (Romney). This election is going to be the most important for the last 100 years. Freedom or Tyranny are the choices.

    • LW says:

      Dont believe for a nminute that Romney is being put into place to defeat Obama, Repub or Dem they are two sides of the same coin, the real powers controlling the show in DC long ago ageed to put foward candidates that would be there for their alloted terms and they would toss this back and forth betweeen the two parties…AHHH lest the people of America wake one day and decide they want THEIR candidate.

      This is what is shaking about at the moment, Ron Paul the peoples choice as prez, this thought has the powers that be in a tither…hehehehe

  10. Mark says:

    We are collective fools in the country. Even with a visionary on a public debate stage telling us what a lot of us know, people's opinions are herded like cattle into the voting booth. It's sad how little we as a people notice and care.

    "Let it not be said that we did nothing"

  11. Bullwink33 says:

    Again what's w/ the Obama / Obaah ma comparisons, the economy is a disaster, remember Mittman saving the olympics ? former governor, Paul fella yeah sure, like the ideas but…

    Today I purchased a non fiction book (kinda Ringer lite) in a thrift shop which is closing due to the bad economy, there are no other stores that sell books in a mile, and this is Boston "the Athens of America"

    Mittman is smart, clever, and can win ! IF he becomes popular, this Forum should understand this, RP for VP OK,

    But these in my state this and that…..I probably am the least learned/intelligent contributor, BUT WHAT WORKS WORKS

    half the people gonna vote, are gettin' some sort of Gov't check, are not interested in anything else besides what's on TV

    Public Employees and other WELFARE recipients are third generation, most cops, teachers, public assistance people their parents and grandparents were doin' the same thing (AND THEY VOTE)

    EINSTEIN SAID "The most powerful force in the Universe is inertia" stop listening and gabbin' YELL "I'm not going to take it ANYMORE !" like it or not take ACTION ! MiTT's IT ! I'll take a Tummy Ache over Cancer, we don't Really need a doctor, WE Need a butcher, cuz it gonna get Bloody…..

    I'm an old nut what would I know ?

    • Steve from Ohio says:

      Mitt Romney was a disaster for the winter olympics as corruption and underage prostitution was used by the Mitt man to get the olympics to come to Salt Lake City. He then looted the US taxpayer for 2.3 billion dollars for stupid sports for two weeks. He should be in jail for that.

      And Willard the Mitt man's involvement in Bain Capital should also have him in prison. The looting of the Howard Hughes estate of almost 5 billion dollars by Bain is documented. The Mormon Mafia were the ones who kept Hughes in his penthouse in Las Vegas. They kept him there to keep him from fighting the looting of his estate.

      Mitt Romney's takeover of Bain Capital resulted in massive fees being paid to Romney to run companies into the ground while telling investors that these companies are being saved. They shorted those companies knowing full well that they would fail while telling investors they would flourish. They made billions while investors lost billions.

      Mitt Romney is a vulture capitalist. He needs to be exposed, prosecuted and jailed. Not elected to be president of the US.

    • CallmeAnn says:

      He can win with the Republican base, maybe. He cannot win with the Swing voters. In most election seasons, we hear a lot about the swing vote. How is that the Obama vs Romney-pushing media doesn't talk about them very much? We need to be asking ourselves who the biased media (remember them? the ones we conservatives bitch about until we need to be told who the 'sure winner' is?) ignores in Republican race and then go for him as our candidate.

  12. George Shevchuk says:

    Barry Goldwater lost in 1964, but he set something in motion that resulted in Ronald Reagan's victory in 1980. Even if Dr. Paul fails in his presidential bid, I'm sure that this Ron Paul initiated Libertarian revolution is a rapidly growing twenty first century American game changer. I'm especially encouraged by the great percentages of support that is coming from the young and the growing shift from television to Internet and from establishment liars for hire to social media.

    • Bryan says:

      So Goldwater was responsible for giving us the awful president that Reagan was huh? Reagan is responsible for putting in place a lot the policies that have so harmed this country over the last few decades. It makes one wonder what sort of monstrosity Paul's campaign might birth.

      • paulbot says:

        Not me…Ron Paul didn't agree with Reagan once the gipper took office. He felt Reagan had moved away from his libertarian roots. Because of this he left the republican party in the 80's and ran as a libertarian in '88. U should watch some of the vids from that era. He was spot on then and he is now.

      • Dan says:

        Well the thing there was Reagan talked a lot of libertarian talk, but his walk was not. I lived through it.

  13. Bonnie says:

    Are you actually saying Romney is no better than Obama?? Give it a rest. He may not be the biggest conservative but anyone (including Micky Mouse) will be better than Obama. And we will all have to contribute to getting Obama out of office. So stop the whining and get to work.

    • LW says:

      Hmmm lets see….

      Obama put there because of BIG corporate backing…

      Romney being sponsored by BIG corporate backing…..

      Do YOU really believe that they are that much different? As Obama has done so shall Romney, that be at bended knee serve his Korporate masters…end of story!

    • Dan says:

      Romney Supports NDAA which allows the military to arrest and imprison without trial American citizens at home or abroad and gives the president a license to kill anyone anywhere. If that's not too bad for you to get behind. Then it is clear you don't really give a hoot about the Constitution or the republic. And make no mistake we will NEVER back Romney or any other CFR shill, period! We are awake, you may still be sound asleep or maybe you are just waking up slowly. You know what it takes to become one of us so called paulbots? Go to youtube search Ron Paul watch 10 or 20 videos, make sure you get one where he's giving a speech and laying out the stuff they won't let him get in on tv. Average total time they let him speak in the debates is far less than the others get. Listen to the man and understand where he and we are coming from.

  14. larry hagedon says:

    Robert, you just made the strongest pitch I have read yet for voting for RonPaul.

    I absolutely will not vote for Mitt Romney under any curcumstances.

    Ron Paul is sounding better and better.

    larry hagedon

  15. Pat says:

    Ron Paul has lots of good ideas, but he's wrong on national defense, social issues, and earmarks. He also doesn't understand the Constitution the way he claims he does. He's right on shutting down unconstitutional activity, but he must do it slowly enough (over 4 years) so that he doesn't unbalance the situation in the process. He is undoubtedly aware of all the dirty tricks his followers are pulling to get support for him, but he does nothing. He does nothing about the incivility of his followers, toward others. Paul wants to turn abortion back to the states. But NO state has a right to keep abortion legal, and he's overlooking that and he knows that some will. Being consistent is only good when you're right. Hey, if Romney chooses Paul as a running mate (he never will), then I can kill two birds with one stone, because I don't support either of them. That said, if Paul's efforts can keep Romney from getting the nomination, more power to him! Go fer it! It's the only hope, because too many people will refuse to vote for Romney, and I should know, because I am one of them.

    • Dan says:

      oh you think hmm military thinks differently they back him for his national defense. Social issues? I really don,t think you've researched him past what little they let you see on tv,or heard from some talking head. Every state has the right to set their own medical laws. Does nothing? Hell go look on youtube we have evidence all over out there. We have taken down many vote riggers. You rely too much on the controlled media. Just yesterday we ousted the chair of the Alaska State GOP for his dirty tricks that stole the vote there. And we now control the Alaska State GOP. Exact same thing in Iowa and that State GOP is ours now. numerous other local arms are now ours in precisely the same manner. Not doing anything about it we're cleaning house.Oh we learned from 2008 real well. We learned the rules and how they were controlling the system and we beat them at it without breaking their own rules. How about ending the illegal wars? are you against that too? Only antiwar candidate! We have the delegates to win. We can block mitt and force a second round of voting and then its over. We have the youth vote, we have many Democrats who will vote against the war and for restoration of civil liberties, a goo dnumber of whom have already crossed over in the Blue republican Movement. Some of those are even now officers in Local GOP's. Doing nothing? We're building a new party no more left and right its Liberty vs Tyranny today.

  16. Romney=Obama says:

    If Romney wins the nomination him and obama will attack eachother's morality despite the fact that both their policies are essentially the same and they both listen to the highest bidder.

  17. Common Sense says:

    Ron Paul's not going to make the GOP ticket, and Mitt Romney's likely to lose in the general election in November.

    Those are the two likely outcomes, and my prediction.

    Also, Obama may be a Marxist, but things change to slowly for him to do TOO much damage. He makes the efforts, but fortunately the checks and balances in government slow things down. But, we're moving in a Marxist direction, surely. Maybe in 25 or 30 years the Supreme Court will be radically to the left to uphold some radical legislation.

    • Gordon says:

      Obama a Marxist? Sure. Wall Street bailouts? As Marx said, "Take from the poor and give to the rich."

      • Dan says:

        the whole left right paradigm is an illusion maintained by the "2 Party" system and their press. What we have is govt by the CFR Question who was the last non CFR president? You find that answer and I think something will click. I won't give you that answer but you can find it easy enough.

    • LW says:

      Ron Paul will not get the chance to run against Obama, and while I stop short of calling this a given, I do so because I see that more Americans are waking every day and their eyes do not like what they see, but the shadow Govt will not let someone they cannot control into any position that will jeopardise there intentions.

      Romney will not win against Obama, this is also a forgone conclusion as we see that there is enough divide within the Repub party that most of RPs supporters see Mitt for who he is and they will either not vote or choose some else.

      The plan is in place and is being played out, Obama will get another 4 years even though he has done little to deserve it.

    • Mark says:

      I don't like Obama. At all. But "Marxist???" How???

      What's so "Marxist" about giving insurance and care companies GUARANTEED profits, and extra costs to the "proletariat???"

      What's so "Marxist" about the continued war that can possibly only benefit oil companies???

      What's so "Marxist" about the legal umbrella over everyone culpable in the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster???

      Please, show me this "garden path" of "Marxism" we're being led down without our figuring it out?

    • CallmeAnn says:

      "… Obama may be a Marxist, but things change to slowly for him to do TOO much damage. He makes the efforts, but fortunately the checks and balances in government slow things down."

      I have to disagree, what with the passage of NDAA which gives the government the right to permanently detain us without probable cause or due process in a secret location, HR 347, which makes it illegal to protest in the presence of any official with secret service protection (introduced by a Republican, and passed both houses with a total opposition vote of 3), and now, CISPA which is the internet control bill with tons of Republican co-sponsors and a landslide bipartisan vote. As a matter of fact, with the public in opposition by 70%, Congress passed Obama care into law, abdicating their responsibility of checks and balances.

      I don't think he moves slowly at all.

  18. Ernie Hughes says:

    The GOP needs to realize that Ron Paul supporters would rather suffer four more years of Obama and try again with a Liberty Candidate in 2016 than risk eight years of Romney. We simply don't see any difference between them.

    "I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me Liberty or give me death." — Patrick Henry

  19. grandma caesar says:

    i've seen a lot of pix and vids of ron paul's crowds, thousands of people wanting a return to the constitution.

    i haven't seen any pix of thousands at romney's turnouts. (i saw a video of him handing out submarine sandwiches on the day of the wisconsin primary…there were sandwiches left over…)

    i have never seen a romney bumper sticker or yard sign either.

    where are all these romney supporters? do people just not stump for him, then turn out in droves on primary and caucus dates? do mormons rush the polls?

  20. Truthman says:

    Wake up, you guys! Geez! The entire last century is one of nothing if not organized crime in America. We don't have honest elections and haven't in one hundred years. Dr. Paul is the last patriot. His support is truly overwhelming and if ISN'T the republican candidate, and doesn't run as a third party candidate, this country, yours, mine, our mother's and father's, is history. I believe that we will NOT let it happen. I believe that there will be hell to pay, blood in the streets and a resurrection of truth in our land, due to the character of Dr. Paul. He is ONE of a KIND and we are so lucky to have him. He is THE ONLY CANDIDATE WORTHY OF THE OFFICE. PERIOD.

  21. Jason says:

    Romney, 6. Obama, a half dozen.

  22. TC says:

    The big difference between Romney and Obama: Romney's top three supporters are Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley & Co. whereas Obama's top three are Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Citibank. But what about Ron Paul? His top three are the US Army, the US Navy, and the US Air Force. He has more support from the military, our kids, than Obama and all the other Republicans combined. But Goldman, with all the billions provided by the Fed and the taxpayers, can afford to buy a lot more journalists and commentators than the folks in the military can spare from their paychecks. So it's time for all of you who blah blah about what a great guy Ron Paul is to step up to the plate and make a substantial contribution now. We'll pay for it anyway if we let the Goldman candidate win again, and it will be a lot more than the few bucks that could make the difference now.

  23. Steve says:

    I think we RP people have the GOP by the balls. the way we look at it is Ron Paul or Obama- that's the choices and if Ron drops out it's Gary Jhonson. Then Ran ddown the road or one of the many rp people comming up.

    We will take DC eventually no matter what

  24. Hank says:

    Mitt thinks corporations are people (killing his general election chances). Ron Paul is the only candidate with a plan to end the TSA and end the endless wars for Israel, it all started a decade ago after a false flag attack.
    9/11, US and Israel

  25. Robert says:

    It's Ron Paul or nothing for me. I'm not voting for a Massachusetts liberal who masquerades as a conservative. Rush, Hannity, Beck, Coulter and the Republican establishment masquerade as conservatives, too. This election exposes these phonies once and for all. They hate Ron Paul and his ideas. They hate our freedoms.

  26. freespirit says:

    What we need are a few mainstream endorsements. Are you in Mr. Ringer?

  27. Gary says:

    Thank you for a great article; you pointed out a lot of truths. Here's hoping Ron Paul does better than expected.

    I loved Ron Paul's positions during his 2008 run and was disappointed in how effectively he was shut out.

    This time it is going much better, and there are predictions that he will make it in spite of the Republican establishment, and the entire establishment, being against him and what he stands for.

  28. Ralph Weaver says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that Ron Paul will be our next president. The only thing that could stop it is election fraud/ vote stealing.

  29. Terry V says:

    This is the classic David vs Goliath and we all know how that turned out. Go Ron Paul.

  30. Anon says:

    Ron Paul has already won.

  31. Robert Fallin says:

    Wonderful to see someone who "gets it," Robert. However, a Ron Paul endorsement wouldn't help Romney, just convince Ron Paul supporters there are NO honest politicians.

  32. Len says:

    STOP Drinking the prozac filled city water. Ron Paul IS winning, Romney doesn't stand a chance. We the Rep Delegates, and alternates are anxious to get to Tampa, WE KNOW the numbers. Can you say "Severely brokered convention". lol, See You there!~

    • Dan says:

      Oh I can, and they are also going to have to look these guys in the eye down there. I know you know who I'm talking about Len. but for those who do not.. This is footage of a Veteran's march on the White House which occurred this past President's day and was blacked out by the media you trust.

  33. Davonne says:

    Ron Paul MUST become president! We don't have much time left. These wars must stop! I became a Republican ONLY to Vote for him. Ivoted for Obama because I thought he was different, but I never looked closely at who financed him. It wasn't until the whole fight on the public option was when I realized he wasn't for the people. The drug war didn't end. The Foreign wars were escalated and he got a nobel prize for that? He didn't close Guantanemo bay, he destroyed the 3rd 4th 7th and 8th amendment of the bill of rights with the NDAA. He embarrasses me as a black dude. And I'm tired of it. I just want to go back to the constitution. I want the freedom to create my own independent energy and not be put in jail for it. I want the government out of school cause they made it worse and more costly, I want them out of Agriculture cause we lost more top soil since they took over. I want them out of healthcare cause now more people are dying from preventable disease and the pharmaceutical companies who are protected by government deny us from creating cures. I want them out of energy cause I can't create a car that runs off photovoltaic lens without them destroying my lab. I want the internet to be free again without CISPA. I want the states to have their rights to decide on abortion, gay rights, stem cell, etc. I want the bankers GONE with the FED! I want real money, not paper! I want the GOV out of our lives! We The People can take care of ourselves!

    RON PAUL 2012!

    • Dan says:

      As a registered Libertarian since I turned 18 in 1979, and only ever switched to Rep in 2008 just long enough to vote for Ron in the primary. I welcome you to the revolution, I see you have got it. :)

  34. lakawak says:

    Yeah…I bet Romney had trouble falling asleep on Tuesday after inning TWO HUNDRED delegates, putting him less than 300 away from the clincher…and with FORTY POINT leads in California and Texas, not to mention the 90s he is guaranteed to win in Utah and New JErsey

  35. No says:

    "America-hating, Constitution-hating, capitalism-hating Barack Obama" <– can you please make the font on this a lot bigger so the eye is drawn to it before reading the rest?

    That way it's much easier to form an opinion of whether anything you say is even worth pondering. That's just no way to do productive discourse. As such, I'll refrain from ever visiting your site or "Tortoise Press"'s offerings of hate-fueled speech again.

  36. Ron S. Cullen says:

    I see a lot of positive energy in most of the comments here, and at the time of this writing, Davonne's is the last entry, and should speak for all of us! Very, very well said Davonne! I'm with you!

    I'm voting my conscience – I'm voting Ron Paul.

    By the way – NO president can save this country alone.

    It has to be done from the ground up. We have to find people like Ron Paul at all levels of government – local, state, and federal and vote them into office everywhere. And then keep an eye on them at all times so the last several decades don't happen again.

  37. Timothy Lemoine Pric says:

    The Democratic Party AND The Republican Party (Except Ron Paul) have joined in on the C.F.R. / U.N. agenda to destroy America from within to submit to the Rothschild one world government enslavement by rich elitist international bankers like Goldman Sachs and international corporations like Monsanto. Revelation 13:10 Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010) Whoever leads into captivity goes into captivity and those who murder with the sword will be killed with the sword. Here is faith and the endurance of The Holy Ones.

  38. hwt123 says:

    I am a state delegate and i will inform you of two things that some of you do not know…A delegate that is bound to Romney can abstain their vote for Romney on the first round and then they are free to vote their choice…second, Ron Paul only needs to win the majority of delegates in five states to automatically be on the ballot at the convention…Ron Paul just won Alaska, Mass. and Washington state yesterday. look for a Ron Paul victory in Nevada May 5th folks…

    Ron Paul or a bankrupt police state

  39. Dan says:

    We keep winning the MSM keeps ignoring New Orleans GOP page this AM h

    When can we have a free and honest press again?

  40. Kent Perry says:

    I have always called them the AC-Republicans or the Anti-Consitutional, Libertyphobic, Chicken Hawk Republicans.

    I was disappointed when 2nd Amendment Rocker Ted Nugent started stumping for Romney suggesting a vote for anyone else is a vote for Obama. The logical Fallacy of the lesser of the two evils canard is this.

    1) They made the same mistake saying NO ONE CAN BE AS BAD AS BUSH. Well Obama destroyed that theory

    2) it perpetuates choosing evil over evil gets more evil when there is another choice and his name is Ron Paul.

    3) As a result of always giving us a choice between Stalin and Hitler, we have made evil and corruptibility the attributes of electability when it used to be Honesty, Principled Integrity for saying what you mean and doing what you said you would do.

    It was these Character Attributes that Politicians were always introduced with the word "Honorable" before their name because it was an Honorable reputation they were expected to live up to.

    Now it is just a word they have on their stationery. To suggest someone like Ron Paul, is "unelectable" is such a display of that persons stupidity and ignorance it should cause anyone to ask the next logical question.

    If ANYONE, thinks Ron Paul is unelectable, whats does that say about someone like Romney who only says what he thinks you want to hear and changes his mind one day to the next or worse, Obama who, before he became President, NEVER worked an honest day in his life. WAKE UP TED NUGENT!

    • Ted Nugent is a chicken. I was running for congress against an opponent that is totally anti gun and in the audience at his show front row in MY T-Shirt! I was 6' away he stared straight at me. I had called all his contacts to get him to say anything in support of me and gun rights. He did not. He sent an email saying he kept music and politics separate! While spouting pro gun crap. I sent him an email telling him how disappointed I was to find out Barbara Streisand has more balls than Ted Nugent! She will endorse a candidate. He thanked me for the sweet email.

  41. Obomney says:

    So what are you freedom lovers doing to stop me from dick tating over the world? Becoming delegates isn't enough. I can cheat those delegate votes too. For example WE can just simply Not count the STANDING 2/3 votes to close the slate in GA. The fear I have (besides you Ron Paul delegates getting off your asses and actually showing up at your conventions) is what you do at the local level. Are you even attempting to run for office? Are you campaigning for a known Ron Paul supporter who IS running for office?

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